Questions and Answers

“Jason, what was the most profound piece of advice you received from Dr. Drew during Celebrity Rehab?” “I’d have to say, the most profound piece of advice Dr. Drew gave me was to surrender to the disease, drop the ego and be willing to take guidance.” To me, this was where it all started when Read More

A Powerful Partnership

Just recently, a student from UCLA came down to Northbound because he wanted to learn more about our program. He had bumped into one of our alumni members who had just gone through the program and was curious to see what we were all about. He ended up loving the dynamic that we offer here, Read More

From Guest to Committee Member

Back in April, I was invited to the PRISM Awards as a guest and was so incredibly humbled and honored to be able to attend. The PRISM Awards focus on showing recognition for people in the entertainment industry that are working to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction, recovery and treatment, as well as those who Read More

Holding Ourselves Accountable

A little over a month ago, a good friend of mine relapsed. I can’t say I was exactly shocked, because I had felt this coming for some time. All of a sudden, he wasn’t attending our AA meetings as much, and pretty soon, he wasn’t coming at all. I was immediately on alert, but I Read More

Celebrating Four Years

July 23rd will always be a special day to me. It is the day that four years ago, I finally got clean and sober! This year, I had been looking forward to pulling out all the stops to celebrate my “birthday”, but after such a taxing July with my grandfather passing away, I decided to Read More