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Opiate Deaths

10/29/2014 Posted by Living Sober

Yesterday, the leading story for the LA Times was about the influx of prescription drug related overdoses... Read More

E True Hollywood Story Jason Wahler

10/06/2014 Posted by Living Sober

E! Recently, I was approached by E! about doing a story about my life. At first, I was hesitant. I didn’t... Read More

Jumping Off….Again

10/06/2014 Posted by Living Sober

“The best mind-altering substance is the truth”. I know these seem like words that my sponsor should have... Read More

From International Overdose Day to Recovery Month

09/01/2014 Posted by Living Sober

I want to talk about two very important, and exciting, events coming up- International Overdose Awareness Day... Read More

A Little Motivation (and Some Reassurance!)

08/29/2014 Posted by Living Sober

Last week I talked about an interview I did for answers.com. This opportunity gave me a platform to talk about... Read More


Genetic Cocaine Resistance Passed Down from One Generation to Next

Using an animal model researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have found that the sons of male rats exposed to cocaine were resistant to the drug’s rewarding effects.  While it has long been thought that there is a genetic component to addiction, these findings … Continue reading “Genetic Cocaine Resistance Passed Down from One Generation to Next”

Read More

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