Facts about Heroin Addiction

Northbound Treatment Services has been dedicated to helping those who suffer from addiction for over 25 years. We have been working to offer hope and assistance through heroin detox and other opiate addiction treatment programs. Our team understands the overwhelmingly addictive and devastating properties of drugs like heroin. So, as a service to anyone who Read More

Options for Heroin Treatment

Behavioral Heroin Addiction Treatment Options Behavioral and medication assistance are two widely accepted forms of treatment for heroin addiction. While both of these treatments are enormously helpful when employed independently, science has proven that the integration of both types of therapy produces the most successful approach to opiate addiction. There are a number of behavioral Read More

The Short Term Effects of Heroin

The effects of heroin or any other kind of drug may vary from person to person. It depends on a number of factors including weight, the state of the individual’s health, and whether or not the person has developed a tolerance for the drug. Additionally, the effects of any drug depend on the amount taken. Read More

Key Things To Know About Angel Dust

What is Angel Dust and How Does it Work? Angel dust is another term for phencyclidine (PCP). It is a mind-altering drug that can trigger hallucinations. It has been around since the 1950s and was first used as a local anesthetic. However, angel dust was quickly banned when health experts realized that it had dangerous Read More

Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is a stimulant, and produces intense feelings of excitement and exhilaration in users. Those who use meth report feelings of increased energy, invincibility, and confidence, and feel like there’s nothing they can’t do. These feelings are the result of a flood of dopamine to the user’s brain, which can be produced by smoking, snorting, Read More