Looking at The Addicted Brain

Studying the human mind is a difficult and lengthy endeavor for medical scientists, psychologist, psychologists and other fields with interests there. The primary reason is that to untangle many mysteries of how the human brain works we would have to break many laws which guarantee the humane treatment to all people. While it would make Read More

Ranking Substance Addictions

Just the idea of ranking addictions in any way can feel like attempting to figure out who is worse a cheater or a thief? But as science and medicine research continues to advance and the nature of addiction becomes clearer and more precisely understood, it becomes possible to rank substances in several ways. A recent Read More

Newly Defined Types of Drinkers

Alcoholism has been known for a long time to included mental dependency, physical dependency or both with devastating effects surround a drinker’s personal life and immediate family and friends. Often times, their drinking will lead them to make irrational decisions under impaired judgment which can get the injured or killed in such traumatic events like Read More

Missouri May Get Drug Monitoring Database

Governor of Missouri Mike Parson recently made a public statement declaring that the state is overdue for a statewide prescription monitoring database for doctors. In every state but Missouri, a state prescription monitoring database is instituted which makes preventing prescription drugs from ending up on the streets a great deal easier for law enforcement, helping Read More

Fentanyl Deaths In Washington Up 70 Percent

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 70,237 people died from drug overdoses nationally in 2017. Forty percent involved fentanyl or similar synthetic opioids, up 45 percent over 2016 records. In Washington, the total deaths from overdose of the synthetic drug were 48 people for the entire year of 2017 but already Read More

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