The ‘High’ Of Using Cocaine

People often wonder what why others seek the use of controlled substances and drugs like cocaine and why someone is unable to control their use of it. Addiction isn’t normally a cut and dry affair of simple choices and bad actions. People turn to drug use for a variety of reasons including stress in their Read More

The Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a distilled extraction of specific active ingredients from the coca plant, found natively in the continent of South America. It has been documented to have been used by various historical cultures for meditation and religious ceremonies. Since developing a method of extracting the ingredient into non-plant form, it has been, unfortunately, abused and Read More

The Effects of Cocaine on the Brain

A high-resolution 3D Doppler imaging tomography technique is allowing researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University to see and analyze the effects of cocaine on the brain. The neuroimaging technique provides evidence of how cocaine restricts the blood supply in vessels and small capillaries within the brain. The resulting cerebral microischemia Read More

Orange County Assessment for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Once you enter into a treatment program, there are a number of things that need to occur prior to receiving any form of medical care for substance abuse treatment. One of the first steps is usually the conduction of a professional and proper health assessment. An addiction assessment for cocaine treatment allows healthcare professionals to gather Read More