10 Alarming (MDMA) Ecstasy Facts

The name of it may sound appealing, but the potential risks are the exact opposite.  Ecstasy, a drug that is more formally known as methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA, is readily available at parties and music festivals. Those are the same social gatherings your kids go to. You’re probably not going to stop them from going to parties, but educating Read More

What is PCP? Learn the Signs of Addiction

PCP could be easily one of the most misunderstood illegal drugs.  The drug was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but worry about the substance was quickly eclipsed by the crack epidemic of the 1980s. PCP may not be as “popular” as it was in the past, but there are still plenty of people Read More

9 Ways Pets Can Help Mental Health

Most pet owners consider their pets as part of the family. Having the companionship of a cherished pet can be life-changing for some people. Pets offer love, acceptance, and emotional support no matter what is going on in your life. Even when you are feeling down, a pet can bring a smile to your face. Read More

What Is GHB? Learn the Signs of Addiction

There have been over 15,000 GHB drug overdoses in the United States alone since 1990. These statistics are only getting more worrying.  Since 2017, the number of deaths from GHB overdoses has doubled. But even those who survive taking GHB aren’t in the clear. It is a highly addictive substance. Withdrawal symptoms can kick in Read More

What Are the Techniques of Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

It often seems like each approach to therapy is pretty much the same. Sitting down with a counselor is relatively similar, right? In fact, there are a number of different methods used in therapy which address different mental illnesses and yield different results.  We’re going to discuss the dialectical therapy in this article. The dialectical Read More