Know the Facts: Is Addiction a Disease? Is it Genetic?

Addiction reportedly costs the United States more than $740 billion each year. This is accounting for crime, health care costs, and loss of productivity.  Anyone who suffers from addiction should first know they’re not alone. Beyond that, having an addiction doesn’t make you an inherently bad person.  There are a lot of factors which might Read More

7 Emotional Addictions that Often Precede Chemical Addictions

One in seven people in the United States will suffer from some type of drug addiction in their lives. There are many circumstances that can lead to addiction, but none are more powerful than human emotions. If you are stuck in a pattern of emotional addiction, this can often lead to chemical addiction. There is Read More

7 Statistics on Childhood Trauma and Addiction – And How to Get Help

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Trauma can be a psychological disturbance, a physical event, or even an emotional response to something unsettling. Common traumatic event examples include abuse, neglect, violence, and even homelessness. While we all may experience trauma at some point in our lives, the amount of children who face trauma Read More