Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

At one point or another, many who suffer from poor mental health have experienced it. “You need to make a change. When are you just going to snap out of it?” Many people can’t accept the reality of a mental health disorder, mostly because they’ve never experienced what it’s like. What these people need is Read More

The Curious Case of the Vaping Epidemic

Vaping is a common practice amongst many of the youth and adults in America. Previously, this habit was thought to be safe. Individuals believed that using a vape was harmless. But, currently, a lot of individuals are questioning this idea. People have especially started to wonder since there have been cases of illness and even Read More

Multiple Drug Abuse Treatment

Individuals who suffer from multiple drug abuse problems have what is known as a polydrug or polysubstance abuse problem. Those who struggle with polysubstance abuse often have difficulty breaking free from just one addiction, not to mention the other substance dependence challenges they have.  This is why it’s so important for people who have multiple Read More

7 Emotional Addictions that Often Precede Chemical Addictions

One in seven people in the United States will suffer from some type of drug addiction in their lives. There are many circumstances that can lead to addiction. But none are more powerful than human emotional addiction. Emotions are basically human responses that are an interpretation of an individual’s environment. In short, this is basically Read More

The Methadone Withdrawal and Detox Process

The Methadone Withdrawal and Detox Process For years, people who were suffering from heroin abuse were treated using a medication called methadone. This substance has also been used to help treat people who were addicted to narcotic medications. But, it is also prescribed to people who are suffering from various bodily pains.  Unfortunately, however, the Read More