The Future of Addiction Prevention Starts Today

An old say you may or may not have heard before is “Children are the messages we send into the future.”  But what if we thought about it from a slightly different perspective and make a small adjustment to that saying; “Children are the potential addicts we send into the future”. It certainly gets us Read More

Drug Addiction and Neurobiology

The number of drug overdoses in 2018 was more than that of fatal car accidents for the first time ever which has been a motivator in modern medicine’s pursuits into understanding addiction every way possible. From psychology to chemistry, medical research has been ramping up around the phenomenon known as addiction as it has also Read More

Life Expectancy Being Affected by Addiction and Suicide Rates

To say that there’s a problem with addiction and mental health options for Americans is probably the nicest way to say it when put into contrast with how these deaths are adding up to a point where the country’s life expectancy is affected negatively. Patrick Kennedy, former U.S. congressman and mental health advocate, recently spoke Read More

Viewpoint Can Change Outcomes

There is a saying by Alan Kay, an educator and computer science pioneer that isn’t about addiction or substance abuse at all, though it might help those who hold certain myths about addiction in high regard. “Context alone is worth 80 IQ points.” What he meant by this is that if you know what a Read More

Seattle Needle Exchanges More Than Just Place To Inject

One of the most controversial steps that have been taken to help with America’s overdose and drug addiction problems, especially those addicted to opioids, are safe injection sites and needle exchanges. Their primary purpose is to have people on standby who can monitor people injecting and prevent overdose as well as keep infectious and potentially Read More

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