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There is no “cure” for addiction, so relapse is always a possibility, no matter how small. It is something that you should be mindful of. With the right strategies and supports in place, though, you can enter into long-term recovery. There is no guarantee that you will relapse.

If you do relapse, it is important to pick yourself back up and get back on track with your recovery. Relapse does not mean that treatment has failed; it means that you need to readjust your approach and try again. When faced with relapse, remember:

You are at a different point in your life: You are not the same person as when you entered treatment before. Your life has changed, your thinking has changed, and you have changed. Recovery is still a very real option.

You already know that you can be successful: You achieved sobriety before and you can do it again. This time, though, you will be able to adjust the supports and strategies you have in place to reduce your risk for future relapses.

There is always more to learn: Just because you have gone through a treatment program before does not mean that you got everything out of it that you can and learned everything you need to know. There is always room for growth and new things to discover. Identify where breakdowns occurred so that you can make positive changes.

Try new things: This may mean finding a different treatment program or trying new activities to promote recovery and cope with triggers in a healthy way. Northbound wants to be there with you, supporting you, as you face challenges and learn how to overcome them.

You can be successful in your recovery, and you can overcome a relapse. Northbound equips you with the strategies, skills, experiences, and support you need to feel more confident in your recovery. In addition, we have programs that meet you where you are at in treatment or recovery. Don’t give up; there is hope, and Northbound can help you discover it.

Don’t let a relapse destroy the progress you’ve made. Get yourself back on track with the support you need at Northbound. Call us today to get started!

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