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The road to recovery does not follow a straight line. It is filled with twists and turns that ultimately help you to grow and get a better sense of who you are and where you are headed. However, it can be scary to face the unknown and leave the safe confines of an addiction treatment program. Northbound recognizes this and assists in preparing you to overcome obstacles and navigate setbacks so you can keep moving forward.

Life is unpredictable. You do not know what will happen at every moment, but by equipping yourself with diverse strategies and a network of support, you can feel more confident in handling challenging situations. There are several ways to set yourself up to be more successful:

  • Start with small steps: Slowly make changes in your life and let yourself become more comfortable in taking small risks. As you see that you can achieve these goals, you will build confidence in overcoming larger hurdles.
  • Know who you can turn to and talk with: Whether this is a therapist, someone from your support group, a family member, or a close friend, when times get tough, make sure you know who has your back. They will not solve your problems for you, but can guide you in the right direction or simply provide a listening ear.
  • Engage in aftercare: You will find continued support and access to resources. Keep building your recovery tools and developing life skills so that you can reduce your risk of relapse.


Recovery is an ongoing process, not a destination. You cannot let fear keep you from exploring your potential and living out your dreams. Even though you may stumble from time to time, have faith that you know how to face these challenges and have the support you need to continue progressing in your recovery. If you are ready to build a strong foundation for your recovery and become the best version of yourself, contact Northbound today and see how our full continuum of care can help you get off on the right foot.

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