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Recovery is not lived in a bubble. While clients need a structured and safe environment for treatment, they also need to learn how to function in the real world while maintaining their sobriety. Challenges and temptations do arise, and clients need to be prepared to handle these situations in an effective manner. That is why Northbound embraces an In Vivo® Model of treatment and recovery.

The In Vivo® Model enables clients to live life on life’s terms. In the beginning of treatment, they are in a more secure and secluded environment as they build a solid foundation for recovery and adjust to some of the changes they have to make. However, as they continue to progress through treatment, clients gain more independence and confidence. They slowly regain access to cell phones, computers, social media, cars and other experiences. In residential treatment, they are expected to shop for their own groceries and prepare their own meals. These are tasks they will have to do when they return home, so they are provided with guidance in making healthy choices, avoiding temptation, and becoming more self-sufficient.

Clients are also engaged in activities within the community. They may be going to a concert, attending classes at a local college, or working at their job. This helps with the transition process and allows them to face real-world challenges while still having a support system in place to learn how to work through the joys and disappointments in an effective way. Clients are experiencing real life and learning how to do so while staying sober. They are able to practice implementing the strategies they have learned and can figure out what works and does not work for them. If they do have a slip, they have the support to get back on track and identify where things went wrong.

The team at Northbound supports clients along every step of the way. They want clients to feel more confident leaving treatment and know that they have the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to sustain a lifestyle of recovery. If you are ready to learn how to live your life sober and overcome the challenges life throws your way with the support you need, call Northbound today and find out how our In Vivo® Model could be the right fit for you.

How has living in the moment strengthened your recovery and motivation? Share your story with us or call to get involved in our In Vivo® treatment program.

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