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Rehab, or rehabilitation is a treatment plan that is generally customized, with the goal to help restore an individual to a condition of good health. Rehab can be in Inpatient or Outpatient in nature and can be 30 days or longer.

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Afghanistan and The Drug War

Within the past decade, The United States has invested $10 billion in Afghanistan – but for something other than what you might be thinking. The …

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How Significant Was the Marijuana in Michael Brown’s System Prior to His Death?

It was determined that Michael Brown, the African-American teenager shot dead by a Caucasian police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, had marijuana in his system at …

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Suboxone or Subutex, Suboxone Addiction and Rehab

Suboxone or Subutex? Those who take care to follow explicit medical advice tend to have better treatment outcomes. This is certainly true when it comes …

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What is Drug Rehab Like?

My First Day in Rehab I had a lot of questions about rehab. I wondered, “what is drug rehab like,” and if I was making …

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How Do I Know If a Rehab Center is Right For Me?

Even though you might have met many other addicts in your travels and have found similarities between yourself and them, there is no doubt that …

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