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Rehab, or rehabilitation is a treatment plan that is generally customized, with the goal to help restore an individual to a condition of good health. Rehab can be in Inpatient or Outpatient in nature and can be 30 days or longer.

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Christmas Drug Rehab – Spending Christmas in Addiction Treatment

Maybe not all people in drug treatment during Christmas time are Christians, but many still celebrate Christmas in one way or another.  Spending Christmas in …

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Schemas and Scripts – False Memory and Drug Addiction Treatment

There are schemas and scripts when it comes to memory. A schema is an organized, structured set of information about a concept, theme, or person. …

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Meditation Exercise for People in Addiction Treatment

At Northbound we do weekly meditation groups using a specially designed meditation exercise I put together for clients in drug and alcohol rehab. After sifting …

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A Consumer’s Guide To Rehab – What every family should know about addiction treatment

I recently had to admit one of my relatives to a drug rehab and even though I have admitted thousands of people to dug rehab …

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Holidays and Sobriety

Holidays for alcoholics and addicts can be trying times. Drinking alcohol is often the norm, even for non-alcoholics during certain holidays. Halloween is one of …

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