Category: Illicit Drug Addiction

Illicit drugs are defined as substances that are illegal to possess, have no medical applications and can be dangerous to consume and have a high rate of addiction.

Meth Addiction Treatment

The addictive power of meth may seem like living without it is impossible. The good news is there are therapies that have been proven to …

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Meth Withdrawal Signs: Everything You Need to Know

Meth addiction affects millions of people. Use of it often starts at a young age. Research has shown nearly a million people, ages 12 and …

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Side Effects of Meth Abuse: What You Need to Know

The side effects of meth abuse vary from person to person. Meth is a stimulant, which typically causes a high energy, seemingly focused sense of …

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Meth Addiction Symptoms: A Helpful Guide

If you’re wondering, “Am I addicted to meth?”, you’re not alone. Meth addiction symptoms take over the whole body. While not all of them are …

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Am I Addicted to Meth?

Addiction consumes the brain and body in such a way that the signs and symptoms become too hard to ignore. When considering the question, am …

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