Caron Foundation and Father Martin Ashley’s Treatment Centers – A Review

Addiction treatment on the East Coast is interesting. I recently visited the Caron Foundation in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and Father Martin Ashley in Havre de Grace, Maryland and they were both beautiful treatment facilities in a beautiful setting. The Caron Foundation was like Addiction Treatment Disneyland. They had lots of buildings on lots of property and there’s nowhere for the clients to run, because they are in the middle of nowhere. Father Martin’s Ashley was also in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but trees and wilderness, but it was a beautiful treatment facility. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to having an addiction treatment facility in the middle of the wilderness.

The Caron Foundation is a top notch facility with some great adolescent programs and adult programs. They are currently working on developing their young adult program, but are making tremendous progress in addressing young adult issues in extended care drug and alcohol treatment.

Father Martin’s Ashley is an Old School 30-Day treatment facility, meaning that they do not offer extended care. Most of their clients come from the East Coast, particularly New York and go back to New York after their brief treatment at Father Martin’s Ashley.

The East Coast Addiction Treatment industry is confusing, because New York does not really have any primary, in-patient addiction treatment facilities. For years addiction treatment facilities on the West Coast have pondered why there are not any addiction treatment facilities in New York City. It wasn’t until after my visit to the East Coast that the problem became clearer. The reason there are not any in-patient addiction treatment facilities in New York City is almost entirely political. Treatment facilities have attempted to get licensed in New York City, but have not been able to do so. It turns out that many of the reputable treatment facilities that have attempted to open up primary facilities in New York face tremendous opposition at the State Level. So instead, New York City Addiction Treatment is limited to outpatient treatment facilities that refer to in-patient addiction treatment programs like Caron Foundation and Father Martin’s Ashley. Rarely do people from the East Coast make it to California’s premier addiction treatment facilities and that is unfortunate…Many people from the East Coast, especially New York, could benefit from California Addiction Treatment facilities.

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