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Breaking free from an addiction is not restricted to so-called ‘working hours’, where the only time a person has to think about it is from 9am to 5pm with an hour off for lunch. During early treatment in Orange County, challenges to sobriety can and do appear at any time. This early period is possibly the most important and can set the trajectory for the rest of an addict’s life and their ability to sustain sobriety and control over their behavior. It can be the difference between a lifetime of clean living or endless struggling, barely winning out over the urges and habits that punctuate behaviors associated with substance addiction.

The road to recovery isn’t a straight line or a nicely paved road. It’s not a simple matter of one day you’re addicted and the next day you’re fine. It’s not necessarily a battle, either. It’s a goal and one with many measurements of success depending on who the person is and where they are in their treatment, their recovery and even what the addiction itself is and how severe it has gotten. Many addicts find that very innocuous things to others can be very challenging stressors to their will power. Because addiction tends to change people, part of the recovery process is dealing with that change.  

Northbound understands that there’s no time constraints the battle against addiction adheres to. We strive to give total care to patients and part of that care is access to a 24-hour addiction hotline to connect those who need help immediately with counselors, staff and specialists. Addiction comes with it a complex set of mechanism for which it perpetuates itself in an addict and can only be predictable to certain extent when it comes to dealing with it. Having the ability to seek assistance and guidance during those uncertain times can increase the success of controlling it and avoiding relapse.


addiction treatment services Having a support network like this also helps people to remain strong through the support of others. Tackling difficult issues alone is stressful no matter what it is and there’s no rewards for going solo and the idea of a self-made person is largely a myth to begin with; even a loner has help even indirectly in many ways. With the stakes so high when battling against addictive behavior, there’s absolutely no reason to risk relapse through telling someone ‘you are on your own’ and the hotline is our way of saying to patients, ‘We’re with you’. Something so simple can be powerful as a tool for recovery.

The Northbound rehab center in Seattle is staffed with specialists and professionals whose sole purpose and drive is to see patients beat addiction and regain control of their lives and support them on the path to recovery when they need it. To speak to a counsellor, call us today at (866) 511-2458.

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