Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Orange County, California

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Last updated October 7, 2009

Effective drug and alcohol treatment in Orange County, California is easy to find. Just throw a stone in any direction in Orange County and you will hit a drug rehab. Many of the addiction treatment facilities in Orange County are effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Some may offer more services than others, so it is important to ask the admissions person you are talking to about ancillary charges, because many drug rehabs in Orange County, and drug rehabs in the United States for that matter, will charge extra for things like one-on-one therapy,medication assessments, etc… So, while a drug rehab may quote you a low cost for treatment, once the person arrives the bills start arriving for ancillary charges from the treatment center.

At Northbound we do our best to keep ancillary charges to a minimum. We will be upfront with you about any other ancillary charges that may occur while you or your loved one is in our addiction treatment center.

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