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Men’s CORE Residential Treatment Program in Newport Beach, CA


Addiction affects everyone differently. Northbound men’s addiction treatment in Orange County recognizes the individual nature of the disease of addiction and collaborates with our clients to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their needs. Our Men’s CORE Residential Treatment Program is a gender-responsive approach to treatment that focuses on the unique challenges that men face. A strong fellowship is created as our male clients bond with and support one another on the recovery journey. The program is highly flexible and adaptable while still maintaining the structure and support necessary to facilitate long-term recovery.

Individualize Your Experience by Engaging in Any of Northbound’s Signature Services

In addition to the foundational aspects of Northbound’s treatment program – detox, residential treatment, outpatient programs, and support and monitoring – men can choose from a variety of signature services (such as Collegebound, Careerbound®, LINKS, or our Trauma Program) to individualize the treatment experience and best meet their unique needs.

Further Your Education in the Collegebound Program

Men’s rehab in Orange County does not have to be a barrier to education. Furthering one’s education enhances self-efficacy, engages the mind in a productive and growth-oriented fashion, and provides a meaningful bridge to future success and fulfillment – factors that promote a thriving experience of life and decrease chances for relapse.

Northbound’s Collegebound program supports men interested in pursuing their education.  Whether the individual needs to complete high school, obtain a GED, or is interested in taking courses at local colleges, universities or trade schools, our Collegebound Program is here to help. Clients who choose to participate in this signature service receive educational coaching and ongoing support, tutoring, supervised study time, assistance applying for school, course selection mentoring, and help navigating transcripts and logistical issues with previous learning institutions. Residential clients also receive transportation services to and from class.

Prepare to Re-enter the Workforce in Careerbound®

Returning to work is a major transition that clients do not have to face alone. Whether seeking a job for the very first time or looking to re-engage in a healthy way with one’s career, the  Careerbound® program is uniquely designed to empower men to achieve employment and to pursue their goals.  Services offered include job skills training, job placement assistance, resume building workshops, interview training, career counseling, ongoing monitoring for sobriety, and ongoing counseling to ensure that active engagement with a recovery program is prioritized within the context of work demands.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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Focus on Faith with LINKS

Men who want to explore or deepen their Christian faith can participate in LINKS, Northbound’s Christian-based residential program. LINKS combines the 12 steps with Christian principles for a more spiritual and faith-based approach to recovery.

Delve More Deeply in the Trauma Program

One of the issues that commonly underpins addiction is trauma. Northbound understands this dynamic and has trained all staff in providing Trauma Informed Care. We prioritize trauma sensitivity from admission through discharge. Northbound’s trauma program, staffed by our full-time Trauma Therapist, guides men in effectively coping with and moving past trauma through EMDR, CBT for trauma, trauma education, grounding techniques, and gender-specific trauma-focused process groups. Clients are supported in processing through the challenges of healing from trauma, understanding how trauma has impacted their addiction, and building a comprehensive recovery that encompasses both trauma resolution as well as achieving sobriety.

A Day in the Life of the Men’s CORE Program

Residential treatment for men is very structured, especially during the week, with enhanced flexibility on weekends. A typical day may consist of the following:

  • Morning meditation
  • Process groups with a therapist or case manager
  • Physical activity at the local gym or outdoors
  • Meal preparation – grocery shopping and cooking
  • Two additional afternoon groups – either didactic or elective
  • Evening AA meeting
  • Individual case management, therapies and appointments throughout the week

The goal for each day is for men to participate in groups, sessions, classes, and experiences to help them learn more about themselves, deepen their recovery program, enhance balance in their lives, and get real exposure to living life on life’s terms. Our men’s treatment center in Orange County builds accountability, sober fellowship, healthy communication, conflict resolution, and life skills, and supports men in developing trust and achieving their ambitions in a safe environment. Men gain independence cooking their own meals and heading out into the community for spiritual or faith-based services or local AA meetings, while benefitting from therapeutic support and educational activities to reinforce strategies for recovery and overcoming challenges.

Embracing the 12 Steps

Treatment at Northbound is built on the time-tested foundation of the 12-step philosophy. Our entire program is rooted in 12 Step principles, and 12 Step meeting attendance and active participation is expected.  Staff support clients in incorporating the steps into their daily lives, obtaining a sponsor, and developing the invaluable fellowship afforded through 12 Step involvement. We couple 12 Step work with psychiatric, therapeutic, and recreational modalities to help men find new direction in their lives and empower themselves in their recovery.

Overcoming Dual Diagnosis in Inpatient Treatment

Mental health plays an integral role in overall health as well as addiction recovery and relapse prevention. When men have co-occurring disorders – a substance use disorder and mental health disorder – it is imperative that these conditions are treated simultaneously. Dual diagnosis treatment enables men to gain a better understanding of how their mental health has affected their addiction and vice versa. At Northbound, they will work with an interdisciplinary team to ensure that all aspects of their health are addressed and to choose which services would be most beneficial for their needs.

A Comprehensive and Engaging Program

The Men’s CORE program requires men to be active participants in their recovery. They engage in therapeutic education, peer support groups, experiential learning opportunities and evidence-based therapy in a safe and respectful environment. Men learn to care for all aspects of their well-being from healthy eating and exercise to reducing stress and improving communication; all of these components support relapse prevention and build a stronger foundation for lifelong recovery. Whatever challenges clients are facing, Northbound’s men’s rehab center in Orange County can help them to overcome these obstacles and recognize that recovery and change are possible.

Get Inpatient Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health at Northbound

If you are ready to turn your life around and embark on the journey to recovery, get inpatient treatment for addiction and mental health at Northbound today.





Addiction recovery is a challenging and long-term process. It can be frustrating and even overwhelming at times, but it is absolutely worth it. Recovery and all of the life-enhancing promises it brings are possible and within reach! Read More

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