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Orange County Detox Center in Newport Beach, CA

The first step toward developing a lifestyle of recovery is becoming substance-free. Unfortunately, many do not realize the delicate nature of transitioning the body from active substance use to abstinence, and can inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way by not seeking appropriate oversight. Due to strong cravings, physical discomfort, social pressures, and psychological/emotional habits, the first few days and weeks of recovery are extremely challenging and pose a high risk for relapse.

Northbound is proud to offer a fully licensed drug and alcohol detox center, “oneEIGHTY,” in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. This sub-acute residential detox center provides a safe, supervised environment where clients can achieve abstinence, overcome the symptoms of withdrawal, and begin the healing process.

Our detox program is overseen by Medical Director, Dr. Edward Kaufman, former president of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry with over 40 years of experience as an addiction psychiatrist.  We offer around-the-clock supervision and therapeutic services to make the experience as safe, comfortable, and motivating as possible for a premier alcohol and drug detox center Orange County residents to rely on.

What is Detox?

Woman speaks to doctor about detox in Orange County.Detox or detoxification is the process of ridding the body of all addictive substances such as illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. For both physical and psychological reasons, it is essential that a client be substance-free when participating in addiction treatment. Abstinence allows clients to meaningfully access and address the deep-seeded emotional, psychological, and social issues that underpin addiction, while minimizing safety risks.

Depending on the severity and type of addiction, the length of time in a detox center can vary. Detox addresses the physical withdrawal symptoms of substance use through individualized interventions and 24/7 monitoring by qualified professionals. Therapeutic groups, classes, sessions, and assignments are also provided so that clients may begin healing their minds as well as their bodies. Drug detox is only the beginning and should not be utilized as a standalone treatment. The next phase of the recovery journey typically involves either residential treatment or an outpatient program to facilitate long-lasting recovery.


What to Expect During Drug and Alcohol Detox

Overcoming drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms is a challenging part of recovery and something that can deter individuals from getting the help that they need. Oftentimes individuals will revert back to drug or alcohol use early in the process to cope with difficult withdrawal symptoms. During drug and alcohol detox, the body rids itself of toxins and begins relearning how to function without their negative influence.

Common withdrawal symptoms experienced during detoxing include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • Body aches
  • Drug cravings
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia

Our staff aims to minimize or alleviate these symptoms and reduce cravings to empower each client to make it through this difficult phase. Medication-assisted treatments, group and individual counseling, drug and alcohol education, 12-step meetings, and peer support all help clients through this process. As the body heals, the mind clears, and the soul becomes stronger, both cravings and withdrawal symptoms typically become less intense, and clients are well-prepared to face into the next phase of their healing journey.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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Why You Should NOT Detox at Home

It can be tempting for individuals to try to detox at home. They believe that if they stop using drugs or alcohol cold turkey, they can facilitate their own recovery. However, this can be a very dangerous decision. Withdrawal symptoms vary in severity from person to person and can range from “uncomfortable” to deadly. More severe symptoms can include delirium tremens (DTs), hallucinations, seizures, rapid heart-rate, cardiac arrest, and other symptoms which can worsen quickly.

When detoxing at home, clients do not have access to immediate care and their health is not being closely monitored. At a drug and alcohol detox center in Orange County like Northbound’s oneEIGHTY, staff is available to help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, keep clients more comfortable, and provide immediate treatment in emergency situations.

Get Detox and Rehab Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One Today

Set yourself or a loved one up for safety and greater success in recovery by entering a supervised detox program today. Northbound provides clients with the care, support, encouragement, and guidance they need to make recovery a reality. From the detox center, our clients can transition into one of our residential treatment programs, outpatient programs, or another program that aligns with their needs. Make drug detox a safer, more comfortable experience at Northbound and build a solid foundation for your recovery.






Addiction recovery is a challenging and long-term process. It can be frustrating and even overwhelming at times, but it is absolutely worth it. Recovery and all of the life-enhancing promises it brings are possible and within reach! Read More

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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