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Detox San Jose

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe epidemic in our society. You must not take it lightly if you wish to get over the complications quickly and reduce the chances of relapsing. Recovery is a long process that you must navigate with a community of professionals who know how to spot red flags, ensure you are always on course, and connect you with counselors and programs that maximize your long-term healing and recovery journey.

Tips For Choosing A Detox Center For Substance Use And Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

Ensure They Have Professional Assessment

Typically, detox centers should have a team of medical professionals with the tools and skills to manage the healing and recovery process fully. Check to confirm that they have an inpatient treatment facility equipped with various medical resources and staff by paying a visit or arranging an online consultation.

We interview, diagnose and analyze many different things before putting patients up for detox in San Jose to ensure they have all the necessary support.

Luxury Is Not Quality

Luxury is not the same as quality, and you should not stay in a rehab that does not prove it has the medical tools and staff needed to provide excellent medical care and therapy solutions. The posh and pricey facilities are not worth it if they lack proper medical drugs, basic counseling, and staff who know all about the evidence-based treatments needed to give your mind the push it needs for a complete paradigm shift.

We provide professional staff and resources to ensure excellent medical care, full-time supervision, and better therapy and counseling to guarantee you live a better person.

Avoid Rehabs With Fake Promises

Rehab centers have a business model aiming to provide quality care to drug and alcohol addicts. It is up to you to find one that does not offer fake promises, such as purporting to get rid of your addiction permanently without any chances of relapsing. Finding an excellent co-occurring addiction treatment center or rehab is challenging, and you should get one that has the numbers to show for its streak of success.

We give you realistic expectations of joining our rehab and help you evaluate your chances of success based on the services and tools you use. Many people understand that the chances of success depend on their commitment to healing during inpatient and outpatient care treatment.

The Staff’s Certification And Training

Nurses, doctors, and staff who work in rehabs should have medical skills to treat substance abuse and provide proper aftercare. We do our job to ensure a healthy patient-to-staff ratio that will tend to everyone’s needs.

Intensive Aftercare For Mental Health And Substance Use Care

Detox is an essential part of detox, but so is the inpatient and outpatient care. We reinforce the intent of the detox program by providing you with an intense therapy program to ease the next phase of your healing and recovery journey.


North Bound Treatment is committed to providing the foundation you will need to gain all the long-term benefits of attending a dual diagnosis addiction treatment program. We can offer you more information about your detox and residential treatment, so call (866) 311-0003 to book your consultation appointment on co-occurring disorder treatment services and more.





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