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Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources
in Independence, Missouri

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Independence is a satellite city of Kansas in Missouri. It’s faced with drug addiction problems like most other cities in the United States. The treatment resources in Independence, Missouri reported 952 opioid overdose-related deaths in 2017.

Most of the deaths resulted from the use of synthetic opioids and were an increase from the previous year. The cost of dealing with drug and alcohol abuse is economically taxing to the government. It costs the government about $137 billion every year to meet direct health care costs.

However, the private sector is also playing a significant role in running treatment resources in Independence, Missouri. Let’s have a look at some of them and the types of treatment programs they provide.

How Many Treatment Centers Are in Independence, Missouri

There are treatment resources in Independence, Missouri, located all across the city. If you or a loved one have an addiction problem, it shouldn’t be hard to find a center. Unfortunately, most people suffer in silence, not knowing where to look or even start.

Most of them provide drug and alcohol abuse treatment as well as assistance with related addictions. Some specific treatment resources in Independence, Missouri, include the following.

1. Full Circle Education

This center provides substance abuse treatment and also extends the services to mental health. The system of therapy focuses on person-centered care, skills development, engagement, holistic, and trauma-focused interventions. At the center, clients are given alternatives regarding the models of treatment available.

Other services available are group chemical dependency treatment and parenting education. This is a system that strives to give the clients room to be an active voice as they receive treatment and care.

2. We Can Recover

This treatment resource center offers substance abuse treatment. It targets both male and female patients in an outpatient setting. The services provided range from trauma counseling, behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and individual and group therapy.

The professionals also have relapse prevention and anger management programs. Payment for services is through self-payment or private health insurance.

3. Footprints

Footprints treatment center will extend help to anyone who wants to make their life better. They offer services to patients who wish to maintain long-term recovery from substance abuse and homelessness. The services are provided as an outpatient treatment program recovery education.

The program is divided into eight topics that deal with issues like understanding addiction and relapse prevention. There is also a therapy group available to those who’ve completed the eight topics. It runs for ten weeks.

The other program is the one on one counseling and recovery coaching. It targets individual clients for various types of issues.

4. Associates at Hope Harbor

Hope Harbor has a variety of programs for individuals, families, and couples. Their area of specialization includes substance abuse treatment and stress management. You can also sign up for parenting classes, anger management, and couples counseling.

The center also deals with a whole range of other issues. These include emotional and behavioral disorders, grief counseling, parenting support, and depression. The charges vary depending on the services offered.

These are just a few of the numerous treatment resources in Independence, Missouri. If you extend your search, you’ll have a very long list of reliable and accredited centers.

Types of Treatment Centers in Independence, Missouri

The treatment centers in Independence aren’t all the same. Their settings and systems differ depending on the kind of services offered. Here are a few of the types you’ll come across.

1. Residential Treatment Centers

In these centers, patients are accorded a 24-hour treatment care system. If you choose this type of facility, you’ll be given accommodation at the center. The treatment approaches are multifaceted, which lets you pursue both physical and psychological healing.

2. Partial Hospitalization Centers

In this type of arrangement, the patients don’t sleep at the clinic during treatment. They attend sessions during the day for a given number of hours. At night, they’re free to go home or another supportive environment.

The programs are closely similar to inpatient programs, especially the therapy sessions.

3. Outpatient Centers

These require minimal participation since they’re not structured as residential programs. Patients continue with their day-to-day lives and responsibilities while attending treatment sessions. The plans don’t offer much security.

As such, patients must exercise a lot of restraint and self-control to avoid relapse.

It’s clear that treatment centers have different approaches to rehabilitation. Take note than inpatient services will most likely cost more than outpatient settings.

What Programs are Offered in Independence, Missouri?

There are a variety of programs to choose from in Independence. They include

1. Alcoholic Anonymous Programs

This is a self-help fellowship spread all across the United States. Members of these groups help each other maintain sobriety by sharing past experiences. The programs are defined by a 12-step program that is executed during the meetings.

Membership is open to all members, free of charge. It’s advisable to look for an AA meeting away from your environment.

2. Drug and Detox Programs

These are programs aimed at detoxification, which is the process of safely withdrawing from drug dependence. The patients are put through a Medically Assisted Program to help them cope with the intense withdrawal symptoms. They’re also monitored for signs of potential relapse.

Other programs include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Emergency Mental Health
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Young Adults Substance Abuse
  • Addiction Recovery

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll miss the type of program you need. If you don’t know where to look, contact the Emergency Department.

Treatment Resources in Independence, Missouri – Final Thoughts

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a growing problem in Missouri. The government has put in place measures to help in the treatment of affected patients. Among the measures in place is the establishment of treatment resources in Independence, Missouri.

If you or your loved one have an addiction problem and need treatment, there are various centers where you can get help. You can choose from among the vast array of residential or outpatient centers. If you’ve got private health insurance, you can use it for payment.

Choose from the variety of programs available for holistic and all-rounded treatment. During and after treatment, strive not to relapse into drug use, and you’ll be on your way to recovery.

Do you or your loved one have an addiction problem or a mental health disorder? Help is available, and you can get started with treatment today.

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