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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Southern California is one of the best rehab centers in Huntington Beach. We offer rehabilitation services for drug abusers and mental health patients.

Drug addiction is not a rare issue, several people all over the United States of America are suffering from drug addiction of different sorts. While some are affected by alcoholism, there are several others who are addicted to prescription drugs. Either way, drug addiction is a big problem in all parts of the world, especially in America. Even in America, Southern California is subjected to some of the highest percentages of drug addicts.

The drug addiction problem in the United States is much more severe than in other places around the globe. The statistics show that 19.7 million people in 2017 had trouble with drug addiction. This means that approximately 1 person in every 8 Americans has had a history of drug abuse. These statistics are quite shocking and a cue for change. If this is how fast drug addiction is progressing, it can cause quite a lot of problems. States or independent cities should take heed of the situation and do whatever is possible to curb the progression of drug abuse or help rehabilitate drug abusers. For the citizens of Huntington Beach, this is not a problem as we offer top-of-the-class rehabilitation programs.

Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Society today is more humanitarian which is why they focus on improving the mental health condition of those in the society. It is only recently that drug addicts have been accepted as a part of society and that they have a chance at living a normal life like most of us. They are given a second chance just so society is not disrupted because of their deviant behavior. To improve society and ensure that addicts can return to their lives the stigma with Drug addiction has been destigmatized.

No matter what kind of addiction you have, you can find treatment in Huntington Beach. There are several different programs that are available in Huntington Beach that you can choose from as per your diagnosis. There are also treatment centers that can cater to more than one problem at the same time. It has even become a prerequisite for getting treatment as it helps your doctors come up with treatment plans that are better and more effective for you. The number of treatment facilities in the United States is growing rapidly. You can find more than 14,500 addiction treatment centers all over the country now.

CA Northbound treatment center is one of the highly popular treatment centers in Huntington Beach. It comes with a bunch of expert medical professionals and qualified staff. Our services are very comprehensive and the answer to all your problems. We use different treatment plans as per patients to ensure success. For instance, we offer behavioral therapy along with direct counseling.

Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Huntington Beach, California

The statistics of Huntington Beach state that almost 8% of Californians have struggled with drug addiction from 2016 through 2015. This means that a total of approximately 2.7 people have been addicted to drugs. Half of that population was addicted to Alcohol. While about 1/4th of them were addicted to illegal drugs. There was also a percentage of the total population that was addicted to drugs they were prescribed by the doctor.

The ages of the ones suffering from substance abuse lied between 18 -25 years. It is a whopping 15% of them who were in dire need of treatment. Out of the total population, 36% were found to be binge drinking and 24.6% of the population who were over 26 also reported that they were involved in excessive drinking.

It was not only adults who suffered from substance abuse but people between the ages of 12-17 who also reported drug and alcohol abuse. Binge drinking was done by 5.1% of them and the rest used drugs to be high.

Here are further statistics:

7th Graders- 13% reported that they use alcohol

7th Graders – 7.9% reported that they use marijuana

9th Graders – 32% reported that they use Alcohol

9th Graders- 23.1% reported that they use marijuana

9th Graders- 4% reported that they use cocaine

11th Graders- 52% reported that they use alcohol

11th Graders- 6.4% reported that they use cocaine

11th Graders -38% reported that they use marijuana

Is Drug Rehab in Huntington Beach Right for You?

Drug addiction is no stranger to America. The progression of the number of people consuming drugs has only increased. And the increase is usually seen in younger people.

The National Center for Health Statistics concludes that only in 2017, 70,200 people lost their lives due to overuse of drugs. This number is a significant upgrade from the numbers in 1999. Then only 16,200 had lost their battle to drug addiction. For the longest time, people believed that illicit drugs were to be blamed for overdosing but prescription drugs share the blame too. Antidepressants are the most common drugs to cause an overdose with the addition of synthetic narcotics.

To help our patients in the best way possible, we use programs that tap into the mental health of drug addicts so that they can have long-term recovery. We wish to understand the needs of each patient first and then move on to treating them. This helps us come up with an effective treatment plan.  

The Opioid Epidemic in Huntington Beach, California

The US is going through an opioid epidemic and it is not news. All the different parts of the country are facing opioid addiction problems of great magnitude and this is why it is very important to address them before matters get out of hand. Huntington county is on the brink of losing control as several people are influenced by opioid addiction. Many lives have been lost and many are hanging on by a loose thread. This is why the need for treatment centers is higher now than ever before.

According to the 2017 ‘Opioid Overdose & Death’ report by The Huntington Beach Health Care Agency And Sheriff-Coroner, the rate of opioid-related medical emergencies gradually increased between the years 2005 and 2011. Then in the years between 2011 to 2015, the numbers increased significantly and 23% of these numbers were based on visits to the emergency department. The rest of the cases were hospitalizations. In the same manner, for heroin-related cases, the hospitalizations amounted to 20% and the rest were emergency department visits.

Opioid use in these years rose to 7,457 people visiting the emergency department. The males were in a higher ratio as compared to the females. Approximately 4500 of the cases included males and 2,900 cases included women. All of this amounted to 39% of the visits made to the emergency department. And out of that, 24% were due to heroin poisoning.

The report concludes that 1500 people received emergency treatment upon their visit to the emergency department. That number is quite low as it does not include the number of people who are involved in opioid abuse. This speaks for itself. Addiction treatment is the need of the time and should be addressed as such.

Huntington Beach Drug Rehabs: How Many Are They?

It is good that the rate of substance abuse in Huntington is lower as compared to other cities. However, that should not be the reason for negligence. The need for drug rehabilitation centers does not decrease. Every community must have a drug rehabilitation center that can help people get over their addiction problems.

In 2017, there was a vast increase in deaths due to drug and or alcohol addiction. The 82% brought the death toll to 700 deaths and more than 500 people were hospitalized. The county might not have a severe drug addiction problem but the death toll due to addiction-related problems is quite high. This is why it is again an issue that should not be ignored.

Drug addiction can change your life for the worse, this is why if you know someone who is suffering you must push them to get help. Being reduced to a number in statistical research should not be what your future should look like. To prevent this from happening, getting expert help is the only way forward.

You do not have to worry about that at all as you have a lot of choices at your disposal in Huntington county. There are 122 centers of drug addiction treatment in Huntington. Since it is the third-largest county in Southern California, it has a good share of the 1,100 treatment centers in all of Southern California. The information is extracted for a 2016 survey.

You can find treatment centers of both public and private nature. It depends on you as to which one you want to go for. The ones that are public are catered by Huntington Beach Health Care Agency. The number of such facilities is increasing with each passing day which is good news for the residents of Huntington.

Northbound Treatment is here to be an assistance to our community. We make sure that our doors are always open for whoever is in need.

What Type of Alcohol Rehab Centers are in Huntington Beach?

Addiction is not a one-meaning concept. There are different kinds of addictions out there and it is important to know which one exactly you are struggling with. Only if you know what addiction you have, will you be able to get treatment for it. Here are all the different treatment centers you can find in Huntington beach:

Inpatient Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach

Inpatient treatment centers are also called residential rehab centers. These treatment centers permit the patients to stay on the campus of the facility and get the needed treatment. These types of treatment centers are a good fit for patients who have high levels of addiction and need to leave their toxic environments in order to recover.

This type of treatment typically takes 30-90 days for the patient to get the needed treatment. During that time the patients socialize with people suffering from similar problems. In addition to this, they are also under the complete supervision of medical professionals who make sure that they get the best treatment possible. All of this together amounts to them getting a successful recovery. The success rate of this type of treatment is much higher than the other treatment centers.  

The only problem with this treatment is the steep price that it comes with. This type of treatment is a lot more expensive as it offers residence along with treatment. This can be difficult to afford for many people which is why Northbound offers different insurance plans. You can choose any of them and not compromise on the treatment that you need. If you want to get more information on the topic, feel free to get in touch today.

Getting in-patient treatment has many benefits as it not only caters to your addiction as a physical problem but it also considers it to be a mental problem, therefore targeting both of them. You get all-encompassing help when you get in-patient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach

The outpatient treatment is not a treatment center that will cater to you all day. You can get your treatment throughout the day and get back home as soon as you are done with it. It is the best fit for people who suffer from a less severe case of drug addiction. These patients do not only have the rehabilitation center as their support system but also have their families and friends to help them out.

For this type of treatment, you usually have to spend 10-12 hours every week. The altogether treatment can be for as long as 1 year and can even be brought down to 3 months. This is a much cheaper option however, the success rate is not as good as that of in-patient treatment centers.  

What Programs are offered in Huntington Beach, California?

There are several different programs that you can find in Huntington beach, here are to name some. It is best that you know what each one offers so that you can make your selection easily.

1. Medical Detox Programs

This is the most common treatment available in all rehabilitation centers. It is usually the first step for the rest of the treatment. Medical professionals oversee this procedure as it can get quite difficult for patients to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

2. Partial Hospitalization Programs

These programs are tailor-made for those who require a great deal of attention and could benefit from intensive but time-restricted treatment. This is a better option than people getting outpatient treatment.  

3. Support Group Programs

This type of treatment is not exactly what you can call a rehabilitation treatment as it does not include the usage of medicines or medical doctors. It usually depends on people facing the same kind of problems. The group of different people interact with each other and share their problems.

4. Sober Living Home Programs

Sober living programs are very common in Huntington Beach. They are a part of in-patient treatment as these patients do not have a helpful environment to cope with their drug addiction.

5. Aftercare Support Programs

Recovery is not only the main focus but to maintain sobriety, it is vital that you take care of your addiction even after you are done with the treatment. Most rehabilitation centers follow up programs to ensure that you do not relapse.

Who We Are: Northbound in Huntington Beach, California

The Northbound treatment center is more than ready to help out people who are suffering from addiction. We understand how addiction ruins lives and that is why we try our best to open our doors to whoever is looking for help. We work with our patients to get our life back and do it in a way that is concrete.

Our aim is to make sure that nobody gets left behind when help is right around the corner. Why risk your life when we can easily help you make the most of it. Our treatment is solely for you to get back the control of it and make the most of the years to come.

To help you, we have hired the dream team with the right type of qualification and training. Our staff makes sure that each patient is given individual attention and their needs are met just the way they want.

Northbound Treatment Center stands with you in your difficult time, let us help you navigate through the dark times.

Our Facility in Huntington Beach, California

We offer different types of treatment options for our clients and cater to all the stages of addiction.

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