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Are you soon to start your rehabilitation program? There may be several questions running through your mind. You might be nervous, and it is okay to be nervous. Getting therapy is a big step and can often be intimidating. This is why you must be mentally prepared before you get enrolled in one. To help you with that, here are all the things you can expect from a drug rehabilitation program:


The first thing you need to do is get enrolled in a rehabilitation center. To get enrolled in a rehabilitation center, you must first consult with an expert. A medical expert will check you and review your condition. They might ask for your medical history and the medical history of your family. In addition to that, you might have to get different tests to rectify any health problems that you might be facing.

Once the medical examination is complete, the doctor will recommend what kind of treatment program suits you the best. Then it is your responsibility to look for a rehabilitation center that offers you the kind of treatment you seek. You might have to call the rehabilitation center for a consultation and book an appointment.

Appear for your appointment and sign all the legal documents that you need to. Then get a treatment plan designed to fit your needs.


The first thing that you must go through when you join a rehabilitation center is detox. Detox is a medical treatment that uses different medicines and removes the drugs from a person’s system. Since withdrawal symptoms are too severe, detoxification can help lessen their impact. Withdrawal symptoms can also take your life which is why detoxification is a crucial step and you must not skip it at any cost.

The detoxification process is delivered at the hands of experts, and they follow all protocols. It can take a few days to extract all drugs from your body. As soon as your body is free of addictive substances, you can start the treatment program.


There are several different programs offered for drug addicts such as:

Residential Treatment Program

Residential rehab programs offer you a place to live and treatment. It is hard to keep up with your rehabilitation until you do not leave the toxic environment. You might not be able to stay on track when you see people around you consuming drugs; some might even offer it to you. Resisting that is very difficult. It is one of the biggest reasons why people are unable to recover from drug addictions. When you join a residential rehab, you will not only get a safe place, but you will also get the supportive environment you need. The medical professionals in medical rehab help you get the reassurance and nurturing you need to recover.

Patients in a residential rehab are not allowed to leave unless and until they complete their rehabilitation program. Once they get the green signal from the doctors, they can leave.

Out-Patient Program

Out-patient programs are a great fit for people who cannot attend residential programs due to commitments. For this program, you are not required to stay in the facility. You can attend different rehabilitation sessions and then head back home when you are free. Most patients spend the larger part of their day here and leave in the evenings.

This type of treatment program is not suited for drug addicts who are heavily addicted. They need constant supervision, and that is not possible with an outpatient program. Patients with mild to average addiction symptoms are the best fit for outpatient programs.

Rules You Must Adhere To

Before you enroll in rehab, you must know all the rules that you should follow. Here are the most common rules:

  • Do not bring drugs or any other addictive substances to the facility. Any substances caught will get confiscated.
  • You should be on your best behavior. You are not permitted to assault or harm any members of the staff.
  • Any violence with fellow patients is not tolerable by the facility. You must remain civil.
  • If you are attending a residential program, you are not allowed to leave the facility without the permission of the authorities.
  • The facility conducts different drug tests, you need to comply with them.
  • Lastly, you must make sure that you appear for every possible meeting or therapy session.

How Can You Prepare For Rehab?

Preparing to join a rehab program can help you ease your nerves and ensure that you don’t face any problems later on. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself.

Pack Your Bags

Taking your essentials along with you is vital. You shouldn’t have to worry about things later on when you have joined the facility. This is why you must be careful when you pack your bag.

You must include:

  • Medical files, prescriptions, and your insurance information.
  • Toiletries- Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, loofah.
  • Clothing- Multiple pairs of undergarments, sleepwear, casual wear.
  • Reading Material- Magazines, books, or holy scriptures.
  • A diary of important information. Numbers and contact details of family and friends.

Other than this, if you want to take electronic gadgets, you might have to ask for permission from the facility. You must keep a little cash with you in case of any emergencies. It is best to leave behind things of high monetary value as you might lose them or someone might steal them.

Take Care Of Commitments

Every single one of us has commitments. When you come to a rehabilitation facility, you detach yourself from the world. This is why it is important that you put an end to all your current commitments. If you have any pets, make sure you find a good home for them before you start treatment. Similarly, pay all your bills and leave behind proper instructions; if you are handing out the responsibility to someone else.

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