The Other Side of Drugs

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Last updated March 28, 2014

There is always constant conversation about drugs on TV, movies, magazines, music, etc. However, this conversation is typically centered on drug use itself – the dangers of using, the effects of using, how using can impact others, and so on and so forth. We can get so caught up in this angle that we fail to work outside of the box. Luckily, some stories come along that help broaden our perspective on serious issues such as drug abuse.

It’s called drug-induced homicide, which is exactly was Malcolm Brown, 25, of Wheaton, Illinois is charged with.

Back in 2011, Brown both sold and abused heroin with Stephen Briston, 38, at an apartment of his choosing. It is reported that when Brown woke up the next morning, he found Briston dead on the bathroom floor from an apparent heroin overdose.

Currently, Brown is incarcerated for drug possession related to this case, but now that it has been reopened, he is now facing an additional 30 years behind bars because of Briston’s death.

I know what you are thinking. People use heroin every day – and die from it every day. It is their choice, right? It’s not like he intentionally killed the man.

Unfortunately, however, this pattern of thinking is not conducive to the law any longer. In an effort to crack down on the continuation of both the prescription drug and heroin epidemics that are plaguing the country, law enforcement officials are doing things such as tracing the source of dealt street heroin and prosecuting dealers to the fullest extent. It is to be expected that as these epidemics continue to grow, that implications such as these will be more common.

So now, its not only the people who are abusing heroin that are in danger of the law, but also those who are dealing these types of substances. While there has always been an element of danger with dealing, the dangers – just as the demand for drugs – is changing as time goes on. The only way to stay out of trouble related to using and/or dealing is to stay drug-free. Even being somewhat involved in this world can spark significant consequences that can be life altering and damaging to your personal and professional career for years to come.

If you or one of your loved ones are involved with dealing or abusing heroin or other drugs, reach out for help today. Every step you take can lead you and your loved one to a better, drug-free life.

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