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Intensive outpatient treatment is a great way to continue your recovery after spending time in residential treatment. Additionally, outpatient services can be a resource for people who require some level of clinical care, but can’t afford to attend residential extended care. Outpatient treatment can often be scheduled around a work schedule, while still meeting your therapeutic needs. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the longer an alcoholic or addict stays in treatment, the higher the probability of long-term sobriety. An outpatient program is the perfect solution for long-term treatment as it introduces some freedoms and responsibilities while maintaining a protective therapeutic bubble over the individual in early recovery.

The outpatient rehab Orange County residents trust is administered in our State Certified Outpatient Clinic at The Behr Center. Clients attend regular group meetings and are required to attend 12-step meetings throughout the week on their own. Clients can enter outpatient treatment directly, or after completing an initial residential treatment program. The program is most appropriately suited for people who live in Orange County, California and are working during the day.

The Outpatient Program at Northbound includes:

  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Daily check-ins with case manager
  • Court Services
  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Individualized treatment plan

The goal of outpatient drug rehab in Orange County is to continue the work that needs to be done in early recovery and to introduce a 12-Step program of the client’s choosing. Staff members act as a support system while the client is slowly reintroduced to the real world and the program helps clients with their ongoing battle with addiction.

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