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Newport Beach, California-based behavioral healthcare provider Northbound Treatment Services is now offering our specialized continuum of outpatient programs in the Pacific Northwest following this evening’s ceremonial opening of Northbound Seattle.

President/Founder Paul Alexander, CEO Mike Neatherton and Chief Marketing Officer Emily Bielen were on hand tonight to welcome partners from all over the Puget Sound and Washington Coast regions, fellow behavioral healthcare professionals working in those communities and a host of others who support the commitment to transforming lives and transforming families through world-class engagement.

Northbound’s outpatient, family, support/monitoring and structured sober living services being made accessible in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood were founded upon evidence-based practices for treating substance abuse disorders accompanied by one or more mental health conditions with the most effective care possible.

Tonight’s ceremonies included a ribbon-cutting by Northbound leaders in attendance and an opening address from Northbound Seattle Executive Director Mike Plaisance, who underscored that the company has long recognized the unique demands locally for treatment of mental health disorders and co-occurring substance abuse.

“What the Pacific Northwest will find is that Northbound is able to empower clients to delve deeper into the issues that impact their substance abuse disorder and overall mental health,” Plaisance said. “Being informed about their disease promotes their personal healing and Northbound’s mission to assist clients in celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.

“It’s also always viewed as critical to Northbound that families struggle with the consequences or emotions accompanying their loved one’s disease. They benefit from support that is compassionate and knowledgeable.”

Regional Director Stacy Plaisance presented Dr. Katherine Burke as Northbound Seattle’s lead therapist. Dr. Burke, who graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies before pursuing her Master and Doctoral Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, has previously worked in substance abuse disorder treatment through providing therapy for individuals, groups, couples, family reunifications, anger management and life skills development.

“Katherine views the motivation for her work as assisting those in critical periods of their lives,” Stacy Plaisance said. “She certainly adds strength to Northbound Seattle’s determination to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore themselves, heal, and build both individually and inside relationships.”

Therapeutic toxicology monitoring, medication management, recovery coaching and long-term accountability training are among other services available through Northbound Seattle. Under Northbound’s In Vivo® (“in life”) model of treatment, clients are able to foster a sense of independence during recovery by steadily implementing more real-life activities and pursuits as methods for healing.

The Northwest Sober Living residences give Northbound Seattle clients custom craftsman bedroom arrangements with ample closet space complemented by custom kitchens with wood-tone flooring and granite countertops, living rooms and floor space for dining. Northwest Sober Living’s dedication to enhancing the development of the recovery lifestyle is further evident with the 24-hour staffing it provides, toxicology and alcohol screenings and access to daily 12-step groups.

Northbound Seattle’s licensed clinicians will be working closely with clients and family members, along with therapists, addiction counselors, social workers, psychologists and physicians, to construct an individualized, clinically appropriate plan for treatment and on the arrangement of admission.

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