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Tired of people saying “don’t do drugs” but never explain why not to do drugs in the first place? 

Did you know about 62 million people around the globe suffer from drug use disorder? In the US alone, there are about 7.4 million people ages 12 and above that have an illicit drug use disorder.

There are so many excuses for some folks to take drugs but you only need one reason not to do drugs to stay safe, healthy, and alive. 

But we’re going to do more than provide one. We’re listing down several unique reasons why you should stay away from illegal substances. Do take note of these reasons and see if it encourages you or someone you love to stay away from drug addiction:

1. Physical and Emotional Addiction

Doing drugs, in the beginning, is a conscious choice.

However, the more you take them, you begin to lose self-control. The loss of self-control makes it harder to stop as your body and mind begins to yearn for it.

The physical aspect of addiction points this out due to the disruption it inflicts to your bodily functions. This causes the erratic release of hormones and neurotransmitters into your brain and to the rest of the body to cope. Stopping leads to withdrawal symptoms and may cause unforeseen side-effects.

Consider a rehabilitation program, which may also include detox treatments.

2. Your Health Degrades

Most drugs fall under a category of poisons, meaning they have adverse effects on the body. Continued use, for example, could lead to organ deterioration.

Some drugs cause complications to the internal organs, like the liver or the heart. Other instances, they cause dental problems, as caused by crystal meth.

Blood vessels collapse due to repeated punctures from needles for injected drugs. This, in turn, can also cause blood infections and HIV.

3. You Are Prone to Accidents

Due to drug abuse, addicts end up with addled senses. This brings them at a high risk of meeting accidents, which can inflict fatal injuries. The risk alone should be a reason why not to do drugs.

Extended drug use can dull the senses, increasing reaction time and impairing judgment. This becomes a hazard when driving a vehicle.

The fact that drug abuse impairs their senses so much, they become a liability to themselves and to other people.

4. Lofty Expenses

Another reason why not to do drugs is more towards the financial side. Even in casual use, drugs can be expensive.

A drug addict would continue to seek the high by these substances whenever possible. They want it right away and on a daily basis. The compounding expenses from that alone can deplete the person’s financial resources.

Supporting this kind of habit also affects other life aspects. Not only does this result in losing all the money that an addict would have available but they might end up stealing from family, friends, and loved ones.

This can lead to a downward spiral of criminal activity to finance their addiction.

5. Destroy Relationships

Friends and family become affected by this destructive habit. Drug addiction can bring about immense negative change to a person. The new experiences one encounters when taking drugs may cause alienation towards relatives and loved ones.

Drug addicts also tend to be secretive with their actions and activities. It arouses suspicion. Especially if the addict ended up stealing money only to use for buying more drugs.

This leads to loss of trust and common ground. Thus, causing the drug addict to become estranged from their family and friends.

6. Can Lead to Felonies

We mentioned earlier that drug addiction can cause financial ruin. The habit alone, when left unchecked, can bring forth a downward spiral brought by the loss of self-control and erratic behavior. Among these actions can lead to dangerous acts.

For instance, an addict can get arrested for robbery to get more drugs to indulge in. In the worst case, it could also lead to murder or homicide.

Aside from crimes brought about by drug-induced erratic behavior, the mere possession of illegal substances is enough to get you arrested.

7. Loss of Creativity

Drugs do not only destroy one’s finances, but it also destroys one’s creativity. The statement that drugs unleash a font of creativity is a lie as the contrary occurs.

If one seeks to be happy through the use of drugs, they only gain fake happiness. Once the high is gone, they crash even lower. This emotional plunge becomes deeper and deeper as it destroys all the creativity a person has.

You don’t want to be a mere husk of your former self.

8. Can Lead To Death

What happens when you don’t stop with drug addiction? It then leads to death. There are many ways this could occur, branching into three possible outcomes.

One outcome is death due to health complications brought by prolonged use of the drug. The deterioration takes its toll that you die from organ failure.

The second one is due to overdosing from the drug. In fact, about 70,237 deaths recorded in the US as of 2017 were from Drug Overdose. Among which might result in an outside area.

Another possible outcome is death due to criminal activity brought about by drugs. There’s always the risk of getting shot by the authorities or from rivals fighting for substance control.

Listen to a Reason Not to Do Drugs Today!

It is never too late to stop. One reason not to do drugs can pile on top of another, so never hesitate to call for help and end a dangerous cycle.

That said, learning why do people use drugs and how to avoid drugs are only the first few steps. You need to seek professional assistance as well. Don’t attempt to fight addiction on your own, especially if it’s your life or the life of a loved-one at hand.

If you are trying to learn how to stay drug-free, we can help you get started. Contact us today and we’ll help you with your journey towards a drug-free life.

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