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Getting help with drug addiction can be intimidating. There are several questions that you might have in your mind. One of them must be ‘How Long Do You Stay In Drug Rehab?” Going to rehab in most cases means, that you have to leave your life behind and all that comes with it. Not many people can afford the luxury of staying away from their homes for several days on end. Keeping this in mind, it is a valid concern to have. Let’s address this concern of yours; here is all the information you need:

There are different rehabilitation programs for you to choose from. Each of these programs is designed depending on the severity of your addiction. For instance:

30 Day Program

If you are getting treatment for the very first time it is best to start with a 30-day program. It is the most suited program for anyone who is not deep into addiction. It is not as intimidating as the other longer treatment plans. One can easily agree to take out 30 days from their lives and invest in their rehabilitation. Once you start the program you will be able to judge whether you want to keep up with the rehabilitation program or if you are fine without it. 30 days is plenty of time to get rid of all the withdrawal symptoms. By the time you are done with your 30-day program, you can see whether you want to carry on with the rehabilitation or if you are fine and can go back to your normal life.

A 30-day program has many benefits, for instance, you won’t have to commit a longer duration and can get the treatment you need. It is also not as costly as the rest of the treatment programs. The longer the treatment program is the more expensive it is. Insurance companies often don’t mind covering such programs.

60 Day Program

A 60-day program is also a favored program as it gives you the perfect time duration to detox, get rid of the withdrawal symptoms, and recover. This program allows you sufficient time for each step of your drug addiction recovery. These programs usually include psychological therapy that targets all the mental issues causing you to consume drugs and the ones that have been caused because of drugs.

60 days is plenty of time for your body to let go of all the effects of drug addiction. The withdrawal symptoms are long gone during the first few weeks of your rehabilitation therapy. Then your body can start moving towards adopting healthy habits that might help you stay sober for a longer period of time. Recovering from addiction is not a single-day procedure. It is a ruthless process that takes days to complete. This is why a 60-day program might be your best fit. For people who are heavily addicted to drugs, a 60-day program is an optimal time to get the ball of their recovery rolling.

It is quite possible that your insurance company might not be willing to cover the complete 60 days of your treatment plan but you might be able to get most of it covered.

90 Day Program

You must be intimidated at the thought of having to spend 90 days stuck in a rehabilitation program. Despite it being a very long time, drug addiction is not something to get rid of easily. You need to give it time and the right type of treatment for your recovery to be sustainable. Longer treatment programs tend to have a higher success rate.

The reason for its success is the added time patients are given to recover. This program gives plenty of time for patients to first go through the evaluation process, then start with the most important step that is the detoxification, and finally the actual treatment. This program is the longest of all and thus is very effective. The longer time you are away from the toxic environment the better it is for your rehabilitation. 90 days in a protected environment will ensure that you do not return back to your ways. You will be able to develop better control over your temptations and that will decrease your chances of relapse.

Extended Programs

Other than the standard day-based programs for rehabilitation you can find extended programs that can help you get all-rounded and comprehensive help. These programs are for when you have completed your initial treatment and need something to keep you on track. These treatment programs might include support groups, additional therapy, and other assistance that you need. You can contact your rehabilitation center for these extended programs and see what they can offer you.

You Should Get Help Today!

Drug addiction is a grave problem that can take control of your life and steer it towards doom. If you think that you are starting to spend all your time-consuming drugs or getting caught up in ways you can get your hands on most drugs then you must reach out to a rehabilitation center today. There are several centers out there that can help you get your life back on track. You must make sure that you make the right choice and get treatment from the best center. Different centers provide you treatment of different levels. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and prescribe a treatment that is best suited to you.

It is your responsibility to reach out to a treatment center that offers you the kind of treatment you are looking for. For instance, if you have been prescribed to get in-house residential treatment, you should look for the center that offers you the best of that. To make a decision you can get the information from different patients who have taken their services and left reviews.

All in all, whatever treatment you take make sure that you take the treatment. It is the only thing that can give your life back to you.

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