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How to Find the Best La Jolla Rehab for Your Needs

Acknowledging an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs and taking the necessary steps to get help overcoming addiction is a complex and difficult process. For many who have a substance use disorder, going to rehab may be the most difficult decision they voluntarily make. After deciding you are ready to get sober, the next step is where to go to receive the help that you need to achieve your goals.

For some, the decision to stay local is the right one. However, for others remaining in a home environment is not conducive to achieving or maintaining lasting sobriety. It may help to know there are many potential rehab options close to home in La Jolla, CA.


Are There Inpatient Rehabs Near La Jolla, CA?

At the beginning of 2020, more than 14,000 registered addiction treatment programs were in the United States. Recent data suggests more than 600 inpatient programs are located in California, with approximately 75 near La Jolla. Knowing which treatment program is best for you can quickly become challenging with so many options. Knowing which benefits and services to look for can help you choose the right program to meet your treatment needs.

What to Look for in a Comprehensive Rehab Center?

If you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol use disorder, finding an Orange County rehab center where the treatment model addresses your particular needs is vital to achieving sobriety and lasting success. In addition to the care that focuses on your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs, you should consider several other things when looking for an inpatient rehab in La Jolla.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A mental health condition like anxiety and a simultaneously occurring substance use disorder is called a dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorder). Some statistics indicate up to half of those with a mental illness also experience symptoms related to a substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis conditions such as alcohol addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder share several overlapping symptoms.

The best opportunities for positive treatment outcomes occur at a treatment program specializing in dual diagnosis treatment. 

Credentialed treatment professionals

The best rehab programs ensure their treatment staff is highly trained with a solid educational background in addiction treatment and mental health counseling. When considering an inpatient rehab in California, do not be afraid to ask about the credentials and training of the treatment team members to ensure their skill set meets your specific treatment needs and goals.

Continuum care

The idea of continuum care is easy to understand if you think of the treatment journey as a path or road. It begins at the start of your journey, and you travel on it throughout detox, professional therapies, aftercare, and finally arriving at your destination, lasting sobriety. Throughout each step, your treatment team will work with you to adjust your treatment plan and recovery goals to ensure your needs are met throughout your entire treatment journey.

Evidence-based therapies

Evidence-based treatments are therapy models designed around scientifically proven foundations. These models are generally more effective and typically deliver higher treatment success rates.

Customized treatment programs

The disease of addiction affects each person individually. As a result, treatment programs must be equally as individualized. When you are ready to seek addiction treatment, look for a program that offers customized treatment programs.

Medically supervised inpatient drug rehab

Medically supervised rehab and medication-assisted treatment or MAT programs are vital parts of addiction recovery for many. MAT involves using specialized medications in combination with evidence-based therapies. It is a proven method for symptom management during alcohol and opioid detox and is a beneficial component of ongoing medically monitored relapse prevention.

How to Find the Best La Jolla Rehab for Your Needs

Overcoming addiction is possible at an inpatient rehab in La Jolla, CA. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your journey to sobriety, contact us at Northbound today. The process of achieving sobriety is rarely linear. There will be bumps in the road and setbacks along the way. Our team is here to help you through these challenges. 
Northbound Recovery provides comprehensive addiction treatment and inpatient programs in Orange County, CA. Contact us today to learn more about our Southern California detox and treatment paths.

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