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There is a reason why parents, teachers, family members, doctors and more tell you to say “no” to drugs when growing up – they are addictive and can ruin your life. Even the most innocent of experimentations can lead to drug abuse and/or addiction, which is precisely why your involvement with these types of substances is consistently warned against. However, despite the many warnings that are given from childhood to adulthood, many individuals (possibly yourself included) go against the grain and find themselves addicted to one or more drugs.

What is the Hardest Drug to Kick?

Almost every drug in the world can become addictive, however some are more likely to create dependency issues than others. If you go into drug experimentation with little to no knowledge about the potential for addiction, you very well might find yourself in a battle when it comes time to kick your habit. Therefore, the hardest drug to kick can include:

  • Heroin/opiates – Opiate-based drugs such as heroin are often extremely addictive. Heroin itself is generally considered the hardest drug to kick, primarily because of the physical and psychological dependency that it creates in a user. When a user starts abusing heroin or other opiates, his or her mind and body become accustomed to its presence, therefore when a user tries to quite, the body essentially attacks itself. This can include causing extreme nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, suicidal tendencies, heart problems and more.
  • Cocaine/stimulants – For some, the hardest drug to kick is cocaine. Cocaine, like other stimulants such as amphetamines, gives users a boost of energy that keeps them moving at a rapid pace throughout the day. Attempting to kick this type of drug use can backfire on a user, as it can cause him or her to feel incredibly lethargic, have changes in their appetite, develop depression and much more.
  • Club drugs – If you ask a young adult who is an avid club-goer, a club drug such as ecstasy is the hardest drug to kick. With the popularity of Molly, Bath Salts and LSD continually rising, it can be difficult for individuals who regularly abuse this drug to stop. While the physical dependency is not as extreme as drugs such as cocaine and heroin, the use of club drugs can make an individual feel as though they cannot have fun without it. In turn, it becomes the hardest drug to kick because they are in fear of not having as much fun as when they abuse it.

Depending on whom you ask, the hardest drug to kick could be heroin, cocaine or even club drugs. It can even be difficult to kick lesser addictive substances such as marijuana due to the psychological and emotional side effects it produces in a user. The best way to prevent developing a dependency to the hardest drug to kick is to never experiment with any drugs or other substances, and if you do, to seek help immediately to prevent your addiction from getting out of control.

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