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When addiction takes over, it can be easy to lose your way and doubt the power of your faith. Everything was going well for a while and then it all started to fall apart. You found yourself turning to drugs or alcohol instead of a higher power. You may have wondered why God would leave you at a time when you are most in need. The truth is, He never left you. He was always there by your side, and He will be there for you as you embark on your journey to recovery.

You may have lost sight of the role of God in your life, but in recovery you have the opportunity to reconnect and strengthen your faith. God has never given up on you, so do not give up on yourself. Even when it seems as though nothing is going right, recognize your inner strength and courage to keep pushing forward. You can change and you can turn your life around. Along the way you may have lost some friends, but you can build new relationships with others who share similar spiritual and religious views. People who can remind you of the power of faith in your recovery and your life.

God forgives you for your sins, so forgive yourself. Realize that everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them and they help us to grow. If you keep reliving the past, it will prevent you from creating a healthier, happier future. It is time to move on and get a fresh start. You are deserving of another chance so keep telling yourself that and know that God is standing beside you in all you do.

Northbound’s Christian-based LINKS program can help you overcome addiction while rebuilding your relationship with God.

Connect with others who are also strengthening their faith and putting their trust in a higher power to help them heal.

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