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Are you worried about your friend? Are they going further down the drug addiction tunnel? Do you wish there was some way you could help them? Well, there is. You can commit them to drug rehab. It is not going to be easy, but if you wish to help your friend or any other loved one, you must go the extra mile. To help you along the way, here are the best tips you can use when you try to commit someone to drug rehab.

Do Not Fake Positivity

Do not work with the narrative that everything is going to be okay. If you want to seriously address the situation you mustn’t fake your positivity but be realistic. Tell it how it is. Your loved one might not be able to see the dark side of the situation and it is your responsibility to show them the light. Be as honest as you possibly can so that they are able to see the graveness of the situation. However, being honest does not mean that you should lose hope. There is always hope and that is exactly what you must give them. While you show them the real picture you must also instill a sense of hope in them.

Make Well Informed Arguments

You cannot reason with a drug addict if you do not have valid arguments. This is why if you want to argue with an addict you must get the information you need. You should spend some time and learn all that you can about drug addiction. This will not only help you come up with valid arguments but it will also help you learn how to deal with drug addicts.

Often it is seen that drug addicts lie their way out of situations when someone is trying to reason with them. If you have the right information, they won’t be able to give you excuses as you already have all the details.

Do Not Be An Enabler

Many times, friends and family members think that the only way they can help a drug addict is by giving them money. It is often seen that drug addicts run out of money as they do not have a stable job and even if they do, all their money is spent on getting drugs. Their lack of finances is the reason they gather sympathy from loved ones. This is possibly the worst thing you can do for your addicted friend. Do not enable their addiction. The money you give them will always be used to buy more drugs, and that will not do them any good.

If you really want to help them, you can pay for their rehabilitation treatment. That way, they won’t have to worry about not getting treatment because of a lack of finances. If they come up with an excuse of not having enough money to get treatment, you can tell them that you can pay for their rehab.

Don’t Judge

Judgment is the most volatile reaction for a drug addict. If you openly judge and shame a drug addict, you will only push them downhill. To get away from all the guilt they will want to consume more drugs. This is why it is very important that you keep your judgment to yourself and not let it surface when you are dealing with a drug addict. You must stay as unbiased as possible and tell the addict that you believe in them and all their positive attributes. Remain calm at all times and think twice before you say anything. A single comment can make their situation worse.

Reinforce But Positively

It is important to reinforce, but don’t do that negatively. If you are negative with your approach, you will never be able to motivate them enough to join a rehabilitation center. Negative reinforcement takes away the constructiveness of a situation. The more positive you are, the more constructive your interaction is going to be. Do not threaten the addict with taking away the substance they are addicted to. Instead, you must positively reinforce the idea that they need to quit so that their life can progress.

Let Experts Assist You

Dealing with a drug addict can be very challenging. You might not know how to deal with them and make matters worse by applying the wrong technique. This is why it is best to reach out to an expert and, let them work out the situation and give you the advice you need. They will be able to read the situation better and come with a game plan. It will surely be effective in getting your loved one admitted to rehab.

An Intervention Might Be A Good Idea

Staging an intervention is the oldest way to help someone understand that they need to step up their game. An intervention is when a group of close friends or relatives come together with the hopes of convincing a drug addict to get the help they need. There are different ways you can stage an intervention. It can either be face to face, or you can ask all the attendees to write a letter to the loved one expressing their concerns and words of encouragement. This might help the drug addict realize that their life is important and that people would care if something happened to them.

Get A Court Order

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working you can go ahead and get the authorities involved. Many people think of it as an inhumane thing, but it is anything but that. This is you doing your loved one a favor. They might not be able to realize that now, but a few years down the road they will thank you for taking the right decision and saving their life.

In conclusion, do not turn a blind eye to your drug-addicted loved ones. They are obviously in dire need of your help, and if you are in the position to do something you shouldn’t shy away. Use the information we have provided here to get them admitted into rehab.

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