College Cravings: Addiction to Medication

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Last updated February 25, 2013

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Infographic – College Cravings: Addicted to Meds

College is a time of transformation—it’s not only a time for learning, but for meeting new people, trying new things, and of newfound independence.  But this exciting time of change also comes with certain challenges.  Students can face overwhelming pressure to meet academic goals and expectations and are often exposed to drugs and alcohol at parties and among friends, which can be difficult to resist in the face of peer pressure, leading them to seek help from drug treatment centers.

College Cravings: Addicted to Meds, highlights some of the facts surrounding student abuse of medications and why they abuse them, and it also highlights the top 10 most commonly abused non-prescription and prescription drugs.  Abuse of non-prescription and prescription drugs can happen on any campus, but college drug abuse is more prevalent at the top 10 party schools of 2012. Luckily, for those affected while in college, drug addiction treatment options are available.

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