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For many countries, trying to continue to curb drug abuse within their borders is becoming a full-time job. It seems that no matter how much education is put out onto the airwaves about the dangers of drug abuse, people continue to use. Regardless of any laws or legislation that are put forward, people continue to use. So, attempting a new approach, drug experts from New Zealand are encouraging drug experts from Australia to do what they are doing – test the new drugs on the streets, and see if they can sell them.

Yes, it sounds absolutely crazy, but in New Zealand, drug experts are satisfied with how safe synthetic drugs in their country have become. Coming on the heels of a study that showed that people who abuse ecstasy also abuse synthetic drugs (especially when ecstasy is not available), they are trying to get Australia to do the same.

Reasons for Testing

The automatic response to a growing drug problem is normally putting forth effort that would shut down abuse. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that regardless of prevention methods, people are continuing to use on a regular (if not abusive) basis. Therefore, drug experts must change with the times instead, which might cause them to go in a different direction – such as testing and selling synthetic drugs.

One of the main reasons for doing this comes from the simple fact that people are always going to find something to use, so why not make what they are using as safe as possible? Currently, the people who are using synthetic drugs that mimic other drugs like ecstasy are running the risk of putting all kinds of unknown substances into their bodies. This increases their risk of physical and psychological harm, as well as puts them at higher risk for overdose. So, by working to test these new drugs and attempt to make them safer, drug experts can curb the dangerous side effects and possible overdoses that might have otherwise occurred had no safety procedures been conducted.


While some people still push forward and do whatever they can to prevent drug use altogether, others are coming to the realization that regardless of what preventative methods are being taken, drug use is always going to be an issue. Therefore, by taking homemade drugs off the streets, testing it, and reselling a safer version can help significantly reduce the damage that these drugs can cause. However, with this action comes a great deal of backlash, all of which is bound to keep controversy about this topic continuing for years to come.

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