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How to Find Blue Cross Blue Shield In-Network Rehab Centers

The first question many people have when considering addiction treatment is how to pay for treatment. Concerns about the financial impact of addiction treatment are one of the key reasons many who could benefit from the support of an addiction treatment program choose to wait or skip going to rehab. An important detail about rehab costs that many people may not know is that their health insurance policy may pay for some, or even all, of their addiction treatment care.

Concerns about the financial impact of treatment are understandable. While drug and alcohol rehab costs vary based on several factors, the overall cost of addiction treatment can be expensive. The knowledge that safe and effective treatment can be costly keeps many of the 20 million Americans with drug or alcohol addictions from seeking or receiving the help they need to get well. Many people may not know that their healthcare insurance will likely cover some or most of the cost of addiction treatment at Northbound.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

In 2008, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, dramatically changing the financial landscape of addiction and mental health treatment. Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies could write their policies as they chose. This frequently meant insurance policies failed to include or severely limited coverage for mental health and addiction treatment needs. 

The ACA mandated all insurance companies provide benefits for ten essential health benefits, including mental health and addiction treatment. Therefore, all insurance companies, whether private pay or federally funded, must include these potentially life-saving forms of treatment into their benefit plans.

What is an In-Network Rehab Center?

When someone refers to Blue Cross Blue Shield or BCBS, they often think of one large insurance company. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a group of thirty-six independently owned smaller insurance companies that, combined, are one of the largest insurance providers in the nation.

All plans provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield include benefits for mental health treatment, and most plans provide coverage for a portion of expenses related to addiction treatment. Again, the coverage level will depend on your plan type, your specific treatment needs, and the geographical region where you live. If you are having difficulty understanding what your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan will cover for rehab, contact your insurance provider or a member of our admissions team at Northbound. They can help you better understand your policy and the levels of coverage available for addiction treatment.

Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans may require your chosen rehab program to be an in-network provider. It is important to note that selecting a provider who is “in-network” with BCBS will typically reduce your out-of-pocket costs regardless of your plan type. Insurance benefits from Blue Cross Bue Shield cover options for both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment care. 

These services include detoxification (detox), addiction therapy, aftercare planning, individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, detox medications, and medication management for MAT (medication-assisted treatment) programs. Again, it is essential to work closely with your providers at Northbound and your insurance company to determine which services are covered as part of your insurance policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

How to Find Blue Cross Blue Shield In-Network Rehab Centers

The coverage level for drug and alcohol rehab through Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans will vary depending on several factors, with the type of plan (or level of coverage) playing a significant role in determining how much BCBS will pay for rehab. Because the coverage levels of plans vary widely, it is essential to clearly understand the specific details of your plan before beginning treatment. Blue Cross Blue Shield may require a referral or pre-authorization before covering drug or alcohol rehab services. You will most likely receive the most substantial financial benefit by choosing an in-network provider for your treatment needs.

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