Medication Assisted Treatment

medication assisted treatment

Opioid addiction is a formidable foe. You deserve access to the best tools that cutting edge research has to offer to free yourself from this destructive disease. Northbound is proud to partner with science in our mission to help clients celebrate one year of continuous sobriety. Our comprehensive treatment model for Opioid Dependence includes evidence-based clinical services for individuals and families, the intentional formation of a durable and supportive peer community, 12 step integration, and medical interventions where indicated.

Watch this brief video for an overview of our approach to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT):

“Medication Assisted Treatment” (MAT) is the umbrella term used to describe the integration of a variety of prescription medications with a comprehensive psychosocial treatment program to aid clients in ceasing substance abuse. This term is generally applied to treating Opioid Dependence, though some medications can be helpful for treating other dependencies including alcoholism. The key word here is “assisted” – studies show that medications on their own do not provide the level of support and internal transformation needed for sustained recovery or a significantly enhanced quality of life.

At Northbound, clients are educated and empowered in selecting the MAT path that is right for them. The goal is to make long-term recovery possible. In addition to general psychiatric oversight and medication management for mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, clients work in collaboration with our medical and therapeutic staff to select the MAT plan of care that will best fit their needs. These decisions are informed by carefully assessing each individual’s personal history and preferences, in concert with clinical recommendations from the interdisciplinary treatment team. The efficacy of the chosen intervention strategy is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed.

For more information and for support through this process please call our admissions team at (866) 311-0003.
For a comprehensive summary of Northbound’s approach to MAT please see our white paper, “Effective and Responsible Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence” (©2017 Northbound Treatment Services).