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Treatment for GHB addiction

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, more commonly known as GHB is a synthetic drug, the effects of which have been compared to alcohol or ecstasy. Medically used as a treatment for narcolepsy, in recreational use, GHB creates a sense of euphoria, lowered inhibitions, increased sensuality and a greater sense of intimacy or closeness with others. GHB is usually taken via a liquid mixture (such as alcohol), though it can also be found in a powder form as well.

Northbound understand that GHB abuse is on the rise and our trained staff is prepared to help. If you or your loved one needs help overcoming their GHB addiction, we are here to help.

Effects of GHB

Users of GHB can experience nausea, difficulty breathing, drowsiness, hallucinations and loss of muscle control. It can be particularly dangerous when taken (as it often is) in conjunction with alcohol, as it can cause respiratory depression as well as vomiting and deep sleep, which can be a lethal combination. In addition, GHB has also been linked to date rape and sexual assault, as the drug is odorless and colorless, can be added to a victim’s drink, and would inhibit both the victim’s memory and ability to resist assault.

Continued use of GHB can have significant long-term health effects, some of which are even fatal. Addiction to GHB may lead to seizures/tremors, hallucinations, respiratory problems, liver failure and even comas. The severe respiratory distress and complex, interconnected conditions that result from use of GHB can make it very difficult to save victims of overdose from permanent damage or death. Those who become dependent on GHB may suffer from depression and other mental illnesses, as the isolating nature of addiction causes them to withdraw from family and friends and fall deeper into substance abuse and despair.

Treatment for GHB Addiction

In seeking treatment for addiction to GHB, the first step is detox and stabilization. Withdrawal from GHB can be difficult, and individuals in withdrawal can experience anxiety, insomnia, chest pain and other physical aches and pains. Northbound’s detoxification center offers a safe and comfortable environment, where new patients receive 24 hour medical supervision.

Northbound’s experienced clinical team will create a customized treatment plan that takes into account the addict’s individual needs and challenges, as well as any co-occurring mental illness that might otherwise inhibit long-term recovery. In addition, we work with the family and friends of the client, helping them understand the addiction and how they can support their loved one as they start a new, healthy and sober life.

For more information on our GHB addiction rehab and treatment center in Orange County, turn to Northbound today and take the first step toward living sober.





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