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Why Northbound Works


Choosing the right treatment provider is crucial. You want to choose evidence-based addiction treatment in Orange County that you feel confident in, one that can meet your individual needs, and one that provides continuous support throughout your recovery journey. Northbound team members are available to discuss your unique needs and preferences, walk you through the distinctive offerings available through our organization, and to assist you in choosing the program that is right for you.

At Northbound, we understand that recovery requires a shift in overall lifestyle and have aligned our program to help participants develop the habits, relationships, and real-life pursuits to support a new, flourishing lifestyle of recovery. With a comprehensive continuum of care from detox through aftercare, participating in treatment at Northbound provides support wherever it is needed. We offer evidence-based therapies and modalities in gender-responsive settings to empower clients to understand addiction and mental health issues, explore how their lives have been impacted, make positive changes, adopt healthier routines and develop a thriving lifestyle of recovery. Treatment is fully integrated to address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of substance use and mental health disorders.

An interdisciplinary team collaborates with clients to establish a personalized treatment plan and determine the best fit for each individual’s needs. Diverse treatment options give our clients flexibility and allow them to experience an array of therapies to help them excel in recovery.

Evidence-Based Therapies and Modalities for Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders – or the presence of a substance use disorder and mental illness concurrently – can present unique challenges in treatment and recovery. Northbound implements a range of evidence-based practices, therapies, and modalities for treating co-occurring disorders and promoting lifelong recovery. These approaches are well-researched and found to be beneficial for most clients. It is essential to treat both addiction and mental health simultaneously to facilitate effective recovery. Northbound programming is set up to encourage the simultaneous exploration of both substance and mental health-related issues so that clients can heal most thoroughly and enjoy the maximum chances at lasting recovery and thriving life.

Northbound staff is composed of the top individuals in their respective fields who have a wealth of experience providing evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County. Consistent training and continuing education opportunities ensure that our team remains current in best practices. An interdisciplinary team of therapists, case managers, client advocates, and medical professionals work alongside clients and their families ensuring that all aspects of the client’s well-being and emerging recovery are attended to.

In Vivo® Model

Northbound’s innovative In Vivo® (or “in life”) model ensures that clients have the best chance at long-term success by empowering them to develop a sustainable lifestyle of recovery while within our supportive treatment continuum. As each client grows in their recovery, they are intentionally progressively exposed to real-world stressors, joys, challenges, and situations (such as utilizing technology and social media, having access to vehicles, and participating in work, school, and volunteering) so that they may safely learn how to truly handle life on life’s terms. Through this real-life exposure and integration, participants in our program strengthen their resolve for recovery, enhance and apply new and improved coping strategies, and foster a durable identity as an individual in recovery. When challenges arise, clients enjoy the support, accountability, and inspiration of our dedicated staff as well as their peer community. At the time of discharge from our program, clients report already enjoying a flourishing lifestyle of recovery and are well able to manage the transition to greater autonomy post-treatment.

Psychiatric Care

Every client undergoes a psychiatric evaluation upon admission and continues to receive psychiatric care as needed throughout their treatment. Many clients are recommended for short-term medication protocols to safely detox their bodies from the substances they have been abusing. Detox is provided through Northbound’s sub-acute detox facility, “oneEIGHTY.” Some clients also benefit from longer-term medication to help stabilize their mental health symptoms, and therefore allow for the deep work of recovery to begin.

Individual Therapy and Case Management

Working with a therapist and a case manager, clients delve deeply into the issues that underpin addiction, explore how substance use has impacted every aspect of their life, and foster the healthy habits of activity, cognition, relationship, and spirituality that promote well-being and sustained recovery.

Therapies and Modalities

Clients engage in a wide range of evidence-based approaches to treatment to address their personal struggles with addiction and mental illness in individual and gender-specific group settings. Therapies available include:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Expressive Arts
  • Experiential Therapy

Picking the Right Program for You or a Loved One

Northbound partners with clients and their families to determine the right path for each individual’s recovery and the program that is the best fit for their current needs.








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