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Addiction does not discriminate. It has no regard for gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. Individuals who are strong in their religious convictions will face the same struggles as those with no religious affiliations. However, faith can be a strong source of support in treatment and recovery. Clients may find that rediscovering or reconnecting with their faith in a Christ-based residential treatment program is the motivation they need to commit to their recovery and live to their fullest potential. Northbound offers a Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County, California for those who want to invite their faith into their recovery efforts and strengthen their relationship with God.

Restoring Your Relationship with God and Returning to Sobriety

Clients in LINKS approach addiction treatment from a Christian perspective. Some participants may have lost their way or strayed from their religion over the course of their addiction. Others may have stayed connected with their faith, but still found themselves battling addiction. Still others may never have engaged with the Christian faith before, but may be interested in embarking on that spiritual journey as they build their recovery. At Northbound, our clients can delve more deeply into their faith and embrace a Christ-based recovery program. They can explore how faith and recovery work together to help them build a stronger bond with Christ and focus on making positive changes in their life. Recovering alongside a close-knit community of individuals engaging in parallel religious and recovery development provides rich and lasting fellowship. Individuals find ways to forgive themselves and promote healing and recovery within a safe, supportive environment. They discover that addiction recovery and a sober lifestyle are possible, and that their faith can lead them through the inevitable difficult times and keep them motivated, strong, and on the right track.

Engaging in Christ-Centered Counseling

All Northbound clients engage in counseling during treatment, but LINKS places an emphasis on Christ-centered counseling and incorporating the role of faith into problem solving and working through challenges. Christianity is a source of strength for many individuals. Christian rehab is an amazing opportunity to put faith into practice and rediscover the power of spirituality. The idea that there is something bigger out there – something more powerful than the individual – is humbling, centering, and incredibly moving.

Incorporating Faith into the 12 Steps

Twelve Step programs work in harmony with faith development. Working the 12 Steps calls on individuals to put their faith in a higher power. For those participating in our Christian LINKS program, this higher power is God (though all clients are of course encouraged to find a higher power that aligns with their own understanding and beliefs). Northbound incorporates a Christian-based approach and perspective into the principles of the 12 steps. As our clients work each step, they gain a deeper understanding of how their faith guides their way and supports them in their efforts. There is a sense of community and support that is built around the understanding of faith and addiction recovery. Our clients are not alone in their journey, physically or spiritually.

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Embracing a Family-Centered Focus on Addiction Recovery

Addiction does not affect only the person engaging in substance use. It impacts the entire family. Through Northbound’s LINKS program, family members are educated and supported in their understanding of addiction, and their role in the recovery process. They learn to cope with their own challenges regarding a loved one’s addiction, facilitate personal healing, and create an environment conducive to everyone’s well-being. Addiction is a complex disease, but families receive the support and guidance they need to develop a deeper understanding and play an active role in recovery.

Focusing on Addiction Education

As with any addiction treatment program, LINKS Christian addiction rehab in Orange County incorporates addiction education. It is essential that clients understand the roots of addiction, its causes, effects, and treatment options. As clients build their knowledge regarding addiction, they can implement positive changes in their life and create a lifestyle of sustainable recovery.

Building a Recovery Community

In addition to the development of strong Christian fellowship within the LINKS program, these clients have the opportunity to attend church services and become an active part of the local Christian community. Being involved in the community supports our clients in feeling more empowered in their recovery and creating healthier routines and support systems.

Clients at Northbound are not required to partake in LINKS, but those who wish to focus on their spiritual growth and develop a stronger connection with Christ are invited to make this Christ-based residential treatment program a part of their recovery. Clients receive the same high-quality, evidence-based treatment as other individuals, but with the integration of Christian principles and perspectives. A focus on spirituality can assist our clients in learning to love themselves, find forgiveness, and make the most of their recovery.

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