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Tricare Rehab

Tricare is a program which offers health insurance for active and retired members of the U.S military as well as their family members. Tricare Rehab covers treatment and rehabilitation for mental health and substance use. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the program.

What Rehab Services Does Tricare Rehab Cover?

Tricare covers treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. This treatment can be accessed by eligible persons who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Although most healthcare service providers accept Tricare, it is necessary to verify how much one’s Tricare health plan covers co-occurring disorder treatment.

Depending on the plan you have, you may have to bear part of the costs of treatment. Furthermore, an official recommendation from medical professional may be required. Moreover, Tricare reserves the right to determine whether a patient needs in-patient treatment or if outpatient care will be enough.

How Long Can I Use Tricare After Retirement?

On retirement from active military duty, you can opt for Tricare Prime, subject to yearly enrollment fees. There is also the Tricare Select option, under which you are not required to have a Primary Care Manager (PCM) for treatment. Instead, you can use whichever provider you wish to consult for dual diagnosis addiction treatment or other medical needs.

However, on getting to the age of 65, you lose your eligibility for any of the programs above. At this point, you can go for Tricare for Life (TFL). Unlike insurance, TFL does not require its users to pay premiums for service. It is simply a medical benefits program. If a provider accepts Medicare, that provider will accept TFL.

What is the Difference Between Tricare and Tricare for Life

Tricare is a government-sponsored health insurance program for active and retired military service members. There are different Tricare options and programs which one can choose from if eligible.

Tricare for Life (TFL) is one of the Tricare options. This option is available mainly for retired military personnel who are up to the age of 65. TFL is a Medicare supplementary program and cannot be used outside U.S territory.

In sum, Tricare for Life is a program under Tricare.

Do I get Tricare For Life If My Spouse Is a Military Retiree?

Yes. If your spouse is a military retiree, you stay eligible for Tricare. However, you lose your eligibility for Tricare if you remarry.

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