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Treatment Center Orange County

From its foundation in 1988 to its rebranding in 2008, Northbound has provided quality mental health and substance use rehabilitation programs to Southern California residents and beyond. If you’ve been considering our top-class facility for addiction treatment, here are a few distinguishing traits of our treatment center in Orange County.

Our Services

We render all phases of co-occuring disorder treatment for addiction patients. These phases start from the detox stage, which is aimed at cutting off the body’s dependence on harmful substances. The process also includes residential addiction treatment and outpatient follow-up programs to ensure that our ex-patients stay clean.

Trauma and Psychological treatment

It is often the case that patients suffer from substance use and co-occuring mental disorders at the same time. Such mental disorders may include Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, among others. People typically turn to addiction to help deal with or as a result of these and other mental health issues.

Also, addicted persons may be suffering from trauma caused by negative past sexual experiences. Our team works to identify and help patients to effectively deal with these problems.

Treatment styles

We use several innovative methods to help our patient’s beat addiction. These methods are crafted specially for each patient to suit individual needs and capabilities. Our therapeutic styles can range from art therapy to meditation and yoga sessions aimed at relaxing the minds of our patients. We also apply equine therapy, under which patients interact with horses to learn valuable lessons in coping and willpower and increase their self-esteem. Musical therapy and religious-assisted treatment are also available.


We have teams of experienced and qualified medical practitioners from across a variety of relevant fields, from addiction psychiatrists and counselors to music therapy experts. Patients are attended to by their special team of medical experts. These provide guidance, counseling, and treatment where and when necessary, in the patient’s walk to recovery.


The environment of co-occuring addiction treatment centers can have an impact on the patient’s psyche. Our dual diagnosis addiction treatment centers both in The Grove and Newport Beach are strategically located in areas in which our patients can benefit from the natural beauty of the environment. For instance, our Newport Beach center is surrounded by beautiful beaches that can boost patients’ experience.

Amenities and facilities

Our treatment center in Orange County features high-quality amenities that help ease the rehabilitation experience. We provide living infrastructure as well as sports equipment and facilities including a gym and volleyball court to encourage patients to maintain their physically fitness.

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Perhaps you or anyone you know is battling substance addiction and you’ve been looking for where to get help. Our clinic should be the first name on your mind. Our clients testify that we’re among the best rehabs in Orange County and you can rest assured we’ll provide top-notch treatment services in a serene environment. Get in touch with is to verify your insurance for treatment, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.





Get the Help YouDeserve.

Regardless of your situation, we will help you in finding your own personalized treatment solutions – whether that’s our program or another – at no cost or obligation to you. Get started and change your life with the simple click of a button.

We are unable at this time to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans. We do offer affordable self-pay and financing options, so reach out and get started on your journey to lasting recovery.