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San Jose Rehab

Northbound is an addiction treatment center that offers mental health services focused on trauma and recovery from Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. We provide a personalized approach because we believe that each case we receive is special and should receive individual-centered care.

 Our philosophy

Something that characterizes us as a health center is honesty and compassion. We faithfully believe in sincere and noble treatment towards our patients and their families who are involved in the process of overcoming drug addiction.

That is why our Co-occurring disorder treatment focuses on going inside the patient and understanding his or her situation in order to make an accurate diagnosis and apply a personalized treatment that leads to a speedy recovery and overcoming the damage caused by substance abuse.

The best approach to addiction

Our unique substance addiction model makes us one of the best Co-occurring addiction treatment centers in Newport Beach, CA because we use a holistic approach to wellness. Part of our goal is to help you and your family environment to break free from your past and begin writing a new chapter in your healing life. We confront addiction problems by accompanying and serving our patients with dedication.

We are interested in getting you back to enjoying a life worth living, full of meaning and purpose to regain a sense of your true inner self. That is why we focus on rebuilding what you have lost in your recovery.

Likewise, we prioritize the trauma caused within your family nucleus. Abuse is not only something that affects and destroys the individual, but also those around them. Therefore, we believe that one way of dealing with the problem of Mental health and substance use is also to involve the patient’s environment in his or her recovery in order to overcome the damage caused.

Likewise, we are interested in the challenges that may affect your addictive behaviors and coping skills. The process does not end when you leave one of our rehab centers. We constantly monitor you to make sure you don’t fall victim to relapse.

As we learn about your symptoms, we craft a customized program designed specifically for you to target the problem areas. We will identify the trauma and navigate through a Dual diagnosis addiction treatment for symptom reduction, recovery, and restoration of a sense of well-being.

 Professionalism and wellness

Another of our hallmarks is having the best-trained trauma specialists who will welcome you into the healthy, healing environment that will be your new home. The recovery process to overcome drug addiction must be integrated by a professional and trained group to achieve the main goal that our patients seek: healing.

We have the experience and credentials to foster your journey to long-term healing of mind, body and spirit. By being part of our programs you will witness an experience that will help you overcome your pain and certify that we made the right decision at the right time.


Contact us through our communication channels. You can email us at info@livingsober.com or call us at 866-311-0003.





Get the Help YouDeserve.

Regardless of your situation, we will help you in finding your own personalized treatment solutions – whether that’s our program or another – at no cost or obligation to you. Get started and change your life with the simple click of a button.

We are unable at this time to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans. We do offer affordable self-pay and financing options, so reach out and get started on your journey to lasting recovery.