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San Jose Drug Rehabilitation

Substance abuse treatment is about meeting the patient’s individualized needs no matter what kind of drug, health, or co-occurring complication they suffer. The best way to ensure rehab’s success is to include a continuum care program that increases the quality of treatment and additional programs to keep you on track.

What Is Continuum Care?

It is a concept that guides a patient to include an array of comprehensive treatment services in their program. Continuum care covers all the basics of addiction treatment and builds an individual’s resilience and strength to encourage abstinence and better overall health.

The general concept is that the patient narrows down to the deep layers of the intensive care program instead of using all of them simultaneously. The rehab team adjusts the treatment to cater to individual conditions like diabetes, overweight, and high blood pressure, among many more.

The ideal continuum of care in rehab will have an array of specialties to cover all the different physical and co-occurring mental health and substance use complications.

Essential Services Offered For Continuum Care

We can provide you with a roadmap for your personalized continuum care to offer extreme help for your drug or alcohol treatment. Some of the services offered through these treatment plans include:

  1. Inpatient hospitalization – It offers the most intensive drug and alcohol treatment because it involves detox and intense therapy services to treat acute complications.
  2. Residential treatment– Residential treatment differs from inpatient care because you can leave the residency and have a whole life while receiving care through the program.
  3. Partial hospitalization – PHPs offer similar services for outpatient care but with more intensity on the frequency and level of treatment. This type of treatment is recommendable for people who need structure and consistent services to gain the best medical health treatment.
  4. Outpatient care – The standard outpatient treatment consists of several individual, group, and family therapy sessions. We can help you with coping skills to manage the triggers, a relapse prevention plan, and peer or counseling support to keep you healthy and sober for as long as possible.

Does Continuum Care And Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Work?

Several factors influence continuum care for a patient. First, make sure you choose co-occurring addiction treatment centers with the right skills and resources for the substance abuse treatment program, and engage your family and friends to offer you as much stability and support as needed to keep you on track. There are numerous ways we can help you transition to a healthier version of yourself so that you avoid relapse, absorb as much information as you can, and are strong enough to avoid falling through the cracks when you leave the facility.


Choosing our San Jose drug rehabilitation program for continuum care allows you to be more productive because you achieve sobriety and mental health and wellness much faster. We are open to letting you into our program, so you know what to expect and how best to prepare for rehabilitation. Contact us to get started with consultation on substance use, co-occurring mental disorders, and dual diagnosis addiction treatment, and click here to verify your health insurance.





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