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Rehabs In Orange County Ca

There are many important considerations that one must make when choosing a rehabilitation program for mental health and substance use. There are two major forms of rehab programs offered by rehabs in Orange County, CA. These are the in-patient or traditional and outpatient systems. As both options have the same final goal of helping you recover from substance addiction, it might be challenging to make a choice.

This article presents the factors that should help you choose between both program types.

What is Traditional Rehabilitation?

This method involves a permanent residency at co-occurring addiction treatment centers for the duration of the treatment program. It is geared at providing round-the-clock assistance to patients. Care services in this category may include detoxification, group and individual therapy, counseling sessions and more. The major advantage of traditional inpatient rehabilitation is that the patient is in a clean and conducive environment with medical assistance and no possibility of accessing drugs or alcohol.

What is Outpatient Rehabilitation?

Under this form of treatment, the patients go to treatment centers for co-occurring disorder treatment at defined intervals from their own houses. These intervals differ from daily to a few hours weekly.

Patients can return to their homes at the end of every treatment session. The main advantage of outpatient rehabilitation is its flexibility, allowing patients to engage in other activities while passing through rehabilitation.

Factors to Consider When Making the Choice

Severity of Addiction

Only persons who are not yet heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs should use the outpatient option. This is because the inpatient type of treatment offers the advantage of having doctors available to manage any medical crises linked to substance withdrawal.

For example, patients who have taken strong substances such as hard drugs for an extended period, severe withdrawal symptoms can be expected while passing through the rehabilitation program. It is advised for such persons to seek in-patient treatment.

Presence of a Strong Support System

Rehabilitation centers offer the advantage of a strong community of counselors and co-patients from whom a person can draw encouragement and guidance on the journey to recovery. If one lacks a similarly supportive atmosphere at home, it is better to go for the in-patient option.


Addiction is often triggered by certain people or factors in one’s environment. Therefore, patients must consider if their living and working environments are conducive to their recovery.

Work demands

For patients with busy and demanding work schedules, the outpatient option may be the only viable option.

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