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Rehab Centers Orange County

You may have many questions and concerns when considering treatment for mental health and substance abuse. Some people are curious if rehabilitation will impact their profession or change their substance use. Others will feel like they do not need to enter rehab again if they have already spent time in rehab centers in Orange County. Some may also have fears about paying for rehab or question whether it is time for them even to enter treatment to begin with.

The concerns surrounding substance recovery and dual diagnosis addiction treatment are all valid. It is normal to have questions about the process, but you never want to get caught up in many myths and mistruths that circulate. The more you know about common myths and what you can expect when entering co-occurring addiction treatment centers, the more peace of mind you will have.

Common Myths About Rehab Centers in Orange County

  • If I go to rehab, I will get fired from my job.
    It is important to remember that alcohol and drug addiction treatment can save your life. Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders can negatively affect your mind and body. It could ease your mind knowing that most cases, a company cannot fire you for going into treatment for substance use. The ADA protects many against firing for treatment.
  • Rehabilitation is going to cure my drug or alcohol addiction.
    Many people are under the notion they will be cured when they go into treatment. Addiction is chronic, and many people will relapse. However, entering the suitable facility will give you the building blocks you need to work on your sobriety and hopefully stay sober. Therefore you must have a facility that offers co-occurring disorder treatment to address all triggers and underlying causes that lead you to drink or use drugs.
  • There is no point in going back to rehab more than once.
    If you previously tried rehab and relapsed, it is natural to think that going back may generate the same results. However, co-occurring disorder treatment goes over some of the ways relapse works and how it may take more time to get on the path to recovery. Each patient is unique, and everyone has different challenges and triggers. The important thing is working on getting back on track to begin the sober lifestyle you want and deserve.

Relapsing with drugs or alcohol does not constitute a failure. There are always going to be bumps in the road with recovery as this is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Going to rehab is essential to learn coping skills and the necessary tools to adjust and address relapse when it happens. Here at Northbound, we tailor treatment to your unique needs so that you have the best chance at success when trying to reach your goals.

Once you admit there is a problem and decide rehab centers in Orange County are your next step, we are here to help in any way possible at Northbound. We have the staffing, facilities, and treatment modalities to personalize your experience to set you up for success. Verify your insurance for treatment today or call us at (866) 311-0003 to learn more about our treatment programs.





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