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Outpatient Rehab Orange County

Northbound is a renowned outpatient rehab in Orange County with top-notch amenities, excellent sober living programs, holistic therapies, and telemedicine treatment services. We have a high success rate and ensure that our clients maintain a sober lifestyle with our personalized recovery programs and advanced healing approach.

Do You Help Find Employment After Addiction Treatment?

We offer an exclusive Careerbound® therapy program to help those recovering addicts entering the workforce learn essential skills to secure a stable job after addiction treatment. An integral part of our mental health and substance use treatment includes skill development sessions, resume workshops, and job placement assistance. Our program ensures that our recovering addicts have a career path in mind, helping them find a job and regain financial stability soon after their treatment.

How Do You Help Students Get Back on Their Feet After Rehab?

One of our treatment highlights is the collegebound program. It is for college students and those with plans to enroll in classes once treatment is complete. It helps individuals navigate college preparation and includes modules like organized tutoring, goal setting, etc. Our resolute staff members hold our clients accountable and motivate them to achieve their academic goals.

Do You Have a Faith-Based Recovery Program?

We are a top-rated dual diagnosis addiction treatment facility with a faith-centered healing approach. Faith can bring tremendous healing when it comes to substance abuse. We have special faith-based recovery programs to provide each recovering addict with additional support as they embark on their journey towards sobriety.

What Can I Expect with Music Recovery Program?

Music is one of the most effective approaches in helping individuals battling substance use and co-occurring mental disorders gravitate towards healing and sobriety. Our music recovery program helps recovering addicts learn critical ways to express emotions, navigate triggers, and provides them with a creative vent to channel their feelings, emotions, and other thoughts in the form of music.

Who Can Benefit from The PHP Program?

Individuals suffering from mild to moderate addiction can benefit from PHP treatment. It works as a step-down level of care for recovering addicts after inpatient treatment. PHP treatment acts as a bridge between inpatient rehab and the outside world, providing recovering addicts with a seamless transition from a structured environment to their routine life.

What Therapies Do You Use to Treat Substance Abuse?

Some therapies we use as a part of our co-occurring disorder treatment include dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, experiential therapy, individual therapy, trauma therapy, equine therapy, meditation, art therapy, etc.

Why Choose Northbound Rehab Center for Recovery In CA?

As one of the pioneer co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we have hundreds of positive reviews from hundreds of clients. We accept most insurance plans and provide advanced addiction treatment at affordable prices. Our experienced and empathetic clinical staff makes the treatment less daunting for those battling severe addiction.

Contact 866-311-0003 to verify your insurance with the #1 outpatient rehab in Orange County. Northbound is a leading addiction recovery center with science-based therapies, excellent aftercare programs, teletherapy options, and much more. Join our program for improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 





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