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Orange County Rehabs

Listed among the top Orange County rehabs, Northbound offers premium addiction treatment and care using evidence-based therapies and holistic healing programs. Some of the rehab services we offer include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox

We offer tailored medical detox treatment for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Our detox treatment programs help cleanse your body and mind from toxins and chemical imbalances caused by long-term alcohol or drug use. 

  • Residential Treatment

As one of the top co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we offer the best residential treatment and care to those battling severe or long-term substance abuse disorders. Our inpatient program provides round-the-clock medical care and an intensive healing experience for individuals diagnosed with substance use and co-occurring mental disorders.

  • Partial Hospitalization

We offer the best PHP programs in a world-class hospital-like setup with a resolute and experienced clinical team. Our PHP programs are ideal for individuals looking for a step-down level of care after residential treatment.

  • Intensive Outpatient

An intensive outpatient program refers to receiving addiction treatment and care for several hours a day but returning home after therapy. It offers the second highest level of care after residential treatment while allowing you to stay with loved ones. Our IOP program is ideal for those with busy work schedules and unavoidable family commitments.

  • Sober Living

Not everyone who completes co-occurring disorder treatment is ready to resume their routine life. Some people require a structured environment and earn for a sense of accountability to maintain a healthy and sober life. We guide our clients toward some of the top-rated sober living homes in Orange County. Our staff help alumni clients find sober homes that cater to their needs and are within their budget. 

  • Teletherapy

The global coronavirus crisis has made it difficult for several recovering addicts to seek professional treatment. Traveling to a physical addiction treatment center has become an inconvenience, preventing hundreds of people battling addiction refrain from seeking the help they need to get better. We offer the best online mental health and substance use treatment, allowing recovering addicts to receive therapy and recovery assistance from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Interventions

Not all individuals battling addiction are ready or willing to seek professional help. Some people suffering from the clasps of substance abuse need a little nudge to help them make the right decision. We have experienced interventionists onboard who extend their professional services to families trying to help a loved one battling chemical dependency. Our interventionists stage interventions and help drug and alcohol addicts make a willing decision to attend dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

  • Aftercare

Aftercare or ongoing care programs play a critical role in helping recovering addicts maintain their sobriety in the long term. We ensure a long-lasting relationship with our alumni clients with ongoing care programs. Our aftercare programs allow us to keep a check on our clients and monitor their progress in post-discharge life. Our therapists offer counseling and individual therapy on a weekly or bi-monthly basis and provide valuable suggestions and advice to recovering addicts, strengthening their commitment to sobriety in the long term.

Call 866-311-0003 to join one of the top Orange County rehabs, Northbound. We are a top-rated drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility with superior accommodations, the best amenities, a resolute clinical team, and several positive reviews. Join us to embark on a life-altering journey towards a brighter tomorrow.





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