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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Orange County

Half the people who experience substance use disorders also experience a mental health issue during their lifetime, and vice versa. Studies indicate that 3.7 percent of U.S. citizens had a drug use problem and a mental illness in 2018. Such statistics are why we decided to research and develop the best dual diagnosis addiction treatment plan to achieve long-term symptom alleviation by treating both conditions concurrently instead of treating one and leaving the other untreated.

We utilize multiple evidence-based treatment plans as part of the program to ensure complete and maintainable recovery. Behavioral treatments, such as cognitive behavioral or dialectical behavior therapy, can assist you in learning new coping strategies that help lessen the symptoms of co-occurring disorders. We also utilize pharmacotherapy as part of our mental health treatment approach.

There are classes available to assist you in understanding more about the strong association between drug abuse and mental health illnesses. Relapse prevention trains you to be aware of events that may cause reactivity, resulting in improper actions or the desire to use mind-altering substances.

Why Choose Us for Your Treatment Needs?

Focused Care

Our treatment plans cater to everyone as every person may suffer from a unique combination of mental health and substance use problems. They could be alcoholism and depression, anxiety disorder and Xanax addiction, ADHD, and amphetamine addiction; the list is endless. That is why we need to ensure that each dual diagnosis is treated uniquely and that every need is met. Our team strives to ensure that our customers’ health, growth, and well-being are constantly monitored. These assist us in recognizing when needs change and when our treatment plans must adapt to remain successful in treating substance use and co-occurring mental disorders.

Integrated Treatment

We employ integrated treatment for dual diagnosis as an evidence-based approach that considers how more than one condition may affect you. Our co-occurring disorder treatment is customized to everyone’s needs and includes medication, psychotherapy, education, and family involvement and support. Co-occurring disorders are complex conditions with overlapping symptoms, and the best way to treat both is by treating them simultaneously. At our co-occurring addiction treatment centers, you are removed from the environment that may have led to the emergence of both mental illness and drug misuse while receiving expert treatment for distinct but connected symptoms and behaviors.

Access To World-Class, Specially Trained Personnel

Given that the symptoms of addiction and mental health disorders are so intricately connected as they affect similar areas of the brain, it can be hard to determine each disorder’s cause and proper treatment. Our facilities have a psychiatric team of professionals and integrated dual diagnosis therapies equipped to manage these complicated diseases simultaneously. We also have an extraordinarily high staff-to-client ratio of 1:1, which distinguishes us as qualified to manage the immediate attention each client deserves.

What Next?

Consider our qualified dual diagnosis facility with evidence-based programs and a range of holistic therapies for your treatment. Contact us today to find out more.

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