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Drug Treatment Centers In Orange County Ca

Many folks who have experienced traumatic experiences like violence, sexual abuse, natural disasters, car accidents, or even war get traumatized. Now, trauma is a mental disturbance that is often all-consuming. It impacts every facet of a person’s life, including their career, relationships, self-esteem, sleep patterns, physical health, and ability to function in society. 

Trauma often causes PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or acute distress disorder, leading to mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), codependency, eating disorders, or survivor’s guilt. So, in most cases, trauma goes with mental health and substance abuse.

A Way Out

People living in Orange County who have experienced traumatic events do not have to continue suffering from its effects. Northbound Treatment is one of the best facilities for treating substance use and co-occurring mental disorders.

As one of the best co-occurring addiction treatment centers in Orange County, we painstakingly assess each of our clients to help them identify the cause of their substance abuse problems. That way, we can design a personalized treatment plan that caters to their unique needs. And one of the most integral aspects of our comprehensive recovery plan is our art therapy for trauma. 

What Is Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of experiential therapy that involves a range of exercises and activities structured to get people to express themselves and contact their creative, active, caring, and social sides. Some activities in art therapy include:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Journaling
  • Jewelry-making

Arts therapy helps people express themselves without having to verbalize their emotions. With the guidance of a psychotherapist, individuals who engage in art therapy can create expressive art that depicts their thoughts and feelings. Being able to express pent-up trauma often helps heal trauma.

Art Therapy for Trauma at Northbound

At Northbound Treatment Services, we deploy art therapy as part of our comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment for clients who struggle with trauma and substance abuse disorder. The rationale behind this treatment is to tackle addiction and trauma simultaneously. This provides the clients with the tools and support they need to manage and overcome their co-occurring conditions. It is an effective form of co-occurring disorder treatment we have honed over three decades of providing premium addiction treatment.

Our approach to treating trauma involves combining art therapy with other experiential therapies, individual and group sessions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other forms of psychotherapy. We also incorporate personal growth activities, life-skill building, relaxation techniques, and outdoor recreation.

We admit new clients every day, and we encourage you or someone you know to join one of our programs in Orange County, California, or get virtual support from our telehealth outpatient program.

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You or anyone you know is battling substance addiction and you’ve been looking for where to get help. Our clinic should be the first name on your mind. Our clients testify that we’re among the best rehabs in Southern California and you can rest assured we’ll provide top-notch treatment services in a serene environment. Get in touch with is to verify your insurance for treatment, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.





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We are unable at this time to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans. We do offer affordable self-pay and financing options, so reach out and get started on your journey to lasting recovery.